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This plugin use for see your time in server , worked 100 % i tested , it very easy to use.

You can see time  to say /oret  , and you see rank /time  and to see levels  /levels

This is a plugin for Amxmodx that save info on the players that connect to your server to a mysql database.

Info this plugin saves:
Nicknames: It saves all nicknames you have used (nicks older than pi_days_before_delete will be deleted when they get that old).
Uses: It saves how many time you have used each nickname.
Playtime: It saves your playtime on the server in weeks:days:hours:minutes:seconds.
Connects: It saves how many times you have connected to the server.
For Counter-strike, ns and dod it also save how many rounds you have played.

It can print a join message in the chat everytime a player connects to the server with
that players most used nickname, options on this is on/off, show admins only or everyone.

The command for the menu is pi_menu, when you push the name of a player you will see a MOTD window with all info on that player, access level for menu is ADMIN_MENU.

Players can say “/myinfo” in chat to get a MOTD window with their own info on the server, this can be turned off (default is on)

Amxmodx 1.75+
Mysql server (version 5+ if you use older version you need to change some querys)
Webserver with php.

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