Counter-Strike Nvidia E5

Counter-Strike Nvidia E5

Counter-Strike Nvidia E5









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Counter-Strike Nvidia E5 is NOT a modified CS (like all others), but an improved CS.
This is exactly what the Counter-Strike Nvidia E5 differs from: Steam, any modified CS or Fake-Steam.
Counter-Strike Nvidia E5 surpasses Steam and other CSs in both Performance and Quality.

Features Counter-Strike Nvidia E5: 
– nGuard E5 protects you against new exterminated / destroy orders.
– nConnect connects you up to 4x faster on any server than all CSs in the world.
– nGui is a revolutionary interface in the world of CS.
– nMusic / Relax Music – New Motivational / Relaxing Songs in CommandMenu.
– FPS / HD Players from CommandMenu.
– FPS / HD Textures from CommandMenu.
– FPS E5 Booster with new High-Fps settings.
– FPS Limit Out, You Can Have Over 1000 Fps.
– CFG: CS / HNS / ZM / Default from CommandMenu.
– HD Sounds!
– MasterServer Updated and more

To be able to play quietly on any server with Counter-Strike Nvidia E5, you need a computer with the minimum of:
– Processor: 2.0 GHz
– Memory Ram: 512 MB
– Video card: 512 MB
– Hard Disk Space: 2 GB



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