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With this plugin you can restrict the access to certain commands in different ways. For example, you can make a command avaiable only for a player with a specific name, IP, SteamID, for players in a given team, only for dead/alive players, during specific hours of the day etc.

☄ Notes
It is highly recommended that the plugin is put first in plugins.ini so it can properly catch commands from other plugins before they manage to do it. Even though I made it so it registers the commands earlier, some plugins may do the same thing too.
Bear in mind that many of the client commands cannot be restricted with an AMXX plugin.
When configured incorrectly, the plugin will throw an error in logs/CommandRestrictions.log saying the exact problem and on which line in the .ini file it is.
If you want to use the plugin on a game different than Counter-Strike, comment the line #define USE_CSTRIKE in the code

Adding restrictions
The restrictions need to be added in the file configs/CommandRestrictions.ini.
The first thing you need to do is write the command name in square brackets. You can add multiple commands on the same line separated by commas. The same restrictions will apply to all of them.
On the next lines you can add the restrictions – one per line, following the syntax: “[value]” ““.
The third argument (value) doesn’t need to be added when “type” is set to “all”.
The fourth argument (message) is optional.
Here’s a list of all possible arguments according to their type:
status – sets whether the restriction will allow or block the command usage
allow – allow usage
block – blocks usage
type – sets who the restriction is meant for
all – for all players
name – for a player with a given name
ip – for a player with a given IP address
steam – for a player with a given SteamID
flags – for players with (a) certain flag(s)
team – for players in a given team (ct, t, spec, unassigned)
life – for dead or alive players (alive, dead)
time – for specific hours of the day (10:00 – 23:00)
value – this is where you enter the needed information according to “type”
Example: if “type” is “name”, you need to write the name of the player (case insensitive)
Example: if “type” is “team”, you need to type in the team name – the allowed values can be found in the description above (in the brackets) – ct, t, spec, unassigned – have in mind that terrorist, spectator and other names are valid too, as long the first letter remains unchanged.
message – here you can set the message that will be sent to the player when the command is executed
If not set or is blank, the default message will be sent.
$cmd$ will be replaced with the command itself.
If set to #none, no message will be shown.

☄ Restriction examples
Example #1 – blocks the “amx_slap” command for all players


block all
Example #2 – blocks the “/kick” chat command for all players except for those who have the flag “c”

[say /kick]

block all
allow flag “c”
Example #3 – blocks the “amx_quit” command for all dead players + spectators


block life “dead”
block team “spectators”
Example #4 – allows the “amx_boss” command only for a player with the given SteamID


block all
allow steam “STEAM_0:0:123456789”
Example #5 – disables the radio commands and sending a custom message when someone tries to use them

[radio1, radio2, radio3]

block all “” “The command &x04$cmd$ &x01is currently &x07disabled&x01.”

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