Creat DNS / Transfer Rank

Creat DNS / Transfer Rank

Hello today i want to show one my video how we can creat free DNS and to trasnfer rank in

Its very easy in first time you need to add and to claim server in, after this we go to web and we creat free DNS if you have any DNS or if hosting have its easy buy you need to check in first in or in cmd ping dns -t to test your DNS.

In my video explain very well just i dont trasnfer rank just i tell you how to transfer to have more easy.

You need to understand one thing i suggest you everytime to claim 2 servers old and new and normaly to transfer rank for 30 min you need to turn off your old server to go DOWN in gametracker and this form you set DNS in old server.

For more you need to follow my video, i hope to help you and if you can SUBSCRIBE 😀

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