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The print magazine features the following content:

  • News about the PC gaming community
  • Previews of PC games, (games which still are in development)
  • Reviews of lately released or to be released PC games
  • A section about freeware and open source games, mods and e-sports.
  • Articles about recent personal computer hardware components with regard to computer gaming (e.g. joysticks or computer mice)
  • Articles about important events, that influence the gaming community at large (i.e.: E-Sports, Censorship, etc.)

The magazine also comes with a DVD, which features Demos, Mods, video-reviews as well as a full retail version of a videogame.[2]


Gamestar has been in published in various versions with different features. This includes the magazine version (which does not include any DVDs and is thus cheaper), a “normal” edition, which includes one DVD, and a XL Version, which contains 2 DVDs. The magazine for subscribers has less advertisement and shows a larger front-page picture. Until mid-2005 a CD-only version was also available, but it was decided that DVD-readers in Computers had become widespread enough, and so the CD-version was deemed unnecessary. Instead the XL version appeared for the first time.[2]

History and Editorship[edit]

Gamestar was founded by Charles Glimm, Jörg Langer und Toni Schwaiger with the IDG Entertainment Media GmbH as publisher in 1997, with Jörg Langer as editor-in-chief.[3][4]

The new magazine soon gained a lot of popularity. By the fourth quarter of 1999 it sold about 331.535 issues per month, in 2000 it overtook competitor PC Games as the largest German language videogames magazine in Europe.[5]

IDG also started GameStar sister magazines in Italy, Poland, Hungary and the United States. The US version was, quite differently from the rest, positioned as a magazine for adults, about PC and console games, similar to inCite. However they all folded after a few months due to disappointing sales. The only long term launch was achieved in Hungary. In 2005, GameStar spawned a sister magazine called /GameStar/dev which is targeted at European Game Developers. GameStar also has a sister magazine namedGamePro, which focuses on console games. Incidentally its headquarters are right next-door to the GameStar office.

In April 2015 GameStar and its sister magazine GamePro were sold by IDG to the French publisher Webedia.]

Jörg Langer was succeeded by Gunnar Lott as editor-in-chief, followed by Michael Trier on 1 December 2007. As of June 2016, editor-in-Chief is Heiko Klinge.[9][10]

GameStar also held a popular known E-Sports-League, the GameStar Clanliga, featuring games such a Warcraft III, Counter-Strike as well as Tactial Ops.[11]

Sales and Popularity

After it launched, GameStar was able to steadily gain in popularity. By the fourth quarter of 1999 it sold about 331.535 issues per month and in 2000 it overtook its competitor PC Games as the largest German language PC games magazine in Europe.[5] Since then, GameStar kept the spot as the bests sold German language PC-gaming focused magazine in Europe.[1][4]

Like the whole print market, GameStar was affected by diminishing sales. In 2008 it had an average monthly circulation of 250,000 copies and is therefore the best sold PC computer game magazine in Europe.[12] By January 2015 sold issues per month have dropped to 63.189.[1] and GSPB[edit]

GameStar hosts a large PC gaming related portal in the internet. Like the magazine, the portal is centered on PC gaming and publishes news, reviews and tests for PC games and PC gaming related topics. is the largest PC gaming web portal in the German speaking internet and one of the largest web portals in the entirety of the German speaking internet. As of February 2016, had 2.41 million unique visitors per month.[13][14]

On Youtube, GameStar has its own channel with about 751.000 abonnements. During its history, Gamestar and IDG also hosted several spin-off youtube channels, such asHigh5 with temporary success. As off 2016, those have been already closed however.[15][16] also hosts a large internet forum, the GSPB (GameStar Pinboard). The GSPB is one of largest internet forums in the German speaking internet

Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, the curious free-to-download spin-off from Valve’s phenomenally successful first-person shooter franchise, goes into open beta later today onSteam, and so we get our first look at the visuals in the video, below.

It reminds me of Counter-Strike Online 2, the Korean shooter also made by Nexon, b.//ut earlier this month the company distanced the two products.

“Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies is.//. not a direct westernized version of Counter-Strike Online 2,” Nexon told Eurogamer.

“It is in fact a standalone title built././. separately and featuring a different variety of all-new modes, weapons and character customisat././ion options including zombie features. There are also brand new systems in place to reward teamwork and cooperation that will offer a diverse Counter-Strike experience.

“In short, this is a whole different Counter-Strike experience.”

There has been some concern from the community about t././/he free-to-download nature of the game, and whether it might turn out to be more pay to win than play to win.

That concern prompted a post by Nexon on the game’s Steam forum that moved to answer questions on how the game works.

“Is there a Cash Shop in CSN:Z? Yes. Do you buy guns there? No,” reads the post.

“Guns are.// obtained via the Crafting system in CSN:Z, by combining ‘Blueprints’ (what weapons are possible), ‘Durables’ (range of duration), and game.,// points to initiate the process.

“All of these components can be obtained for free just by playing the ga././me. But, as one could guess, also obtainable from the Cash shop directly.”

There’s more: from the start you .//.have every weapon from the original Counter-Strike in your inventory, permanently. These weapons are considered default.

And here’s a note on durables: “What Durables …component you use in Crafting a gun will .//./.determine its duration,” /./.Nexon said, “and Permanent is possible from the right Durables. Players are not required to make a purchase in the Cash shop to get new, permanent weapons in CSN:Z.”/././

Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies launches proper in early October.

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