Elite Admin System [+Bans System] v6.7.1

Elite Admin System [+Bans System] v6.7.1

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This is an improved version of the old admin system which is intended to fix all the bugs and fulfill the missing features that the old system was lacking.

* Commands:
Spoiler • amx_kick <name> <reason> – Kicks a player out of the server, this system obligates you to enter a reason, if you don’t have one, leave it as “”.
• amx_ban <name> <minutes> <reason> – Kicks a player out of the server and adds him to the banlist, making him unable to connect to the server.
• amx_addban <name> <steamid> <ip_address> <minutes> <reason> – A more advanced way of banning, you can use this to add a person that isn’t connected to the server to the banlist.
• amx_unban <nick/steam/ip> – Unbans a player, removes him from the banlist.
• amx_slay <nick> <reason> – Kills/Slays a person.
• amx_slap <nick> <value> <reason> – Slaps (damages) a person for x damage.
• amx_who – Shows connected players information
• amx_map <map> – Changes the map to another one
• amx_nick <current_nick> <new_nick> – Changes a person’s nick to another one
• amx_addadmin (default) <Nick|SteamID> <Password> <Flags> <Prefix> <T_Model> <CT_Model> <Immunity> <Expire_Date> – Adds a new admin via console
• amx_cvar <cvar> <value> – Sets a CVAR’s value to another one
• amx_plugins – Shows list of plugins
• amx_rcon <cmd> <value> – Sends command to server
• amx_showrcon – Shows rcon password
• amx_help – Shows commands list
• amx_modules – Shows modules
• amx_freeze <name> <off/on> – Freezes player movement and mouse
• amx_ss <name> – takes screenshot on player

• eas_menu, eliteadminmenu, amxmodmenu (default) – Console commands to open admin menu

(new commands are highlighted red)
(console commands are highlighted blue)

* Useful information regarding usage:

• With this plugin you have real-time data retrieving, so if you edit something from the .ini files, it will be instantly applied.
• Put ‘;’ in front of an admin’s name to disable his admin.
• If you don’t want to put password for someone, just leave the password part as “”
• If you don’t want a prefix, leave the prefix part as “”
• If you don’t want a model, leave T_Model or CT_Model part as “”
• If you don’t want the admin to have an expire date, leave it as “”
• The admin expires when the date expires (automatically).
• You must have the models inside the models/player/ directory when giving models to an admin. Example the model name is ‘vip’. You should have a ‘vip’ folder in models/player and vip.mdl file inside the ‘vip’ folder. Then put ‘vip’ in the T_Model or CT_Model in the .ini file.
• All dates are in MM/DD/YYYY – HH:MM:SS format

* API (Application Programming Interface):
Spoilernative RegisterCommand( const szName[ ], const szCallBack[ ], const iFlags )
You can use this native in other plugins to create a new console command that you can use inside the server.

szName – Command Name
szCallBack – Command handler
iFlags – Admin flags required to use the command

Example usage:
PHP Code:#include < amxmodx > 
#include < elite_admin_system > 

public plugin_init( ) 

    RegisterCommand( "test_func", "Callback", ADMIN_RCON ); 

public Callback( id ) 

    client_print( 0, print_chat, "Works" ); 

forward AdminAdded( szName[ ], szPassword[ ], szFlags[ ], szPrefix[ ], szModel_T[ ], szModel_CT[ ], szExpireDate[ ] )
This forward gets called when a new admin is added by the console command

szName – Name of the person
szPassword – Password
szFlags – Accesss flags
szPrefix – the prefix set
szModel_T – Model for Terrorist team
szModel_CT – Model for Counter-Terrorist team
szExpireDate – Date when admin expires

Example usage:
PHP Code:#include < amxmodx > 
#include < elite_admin_system > 

public AdminAdded( szName[], szPassword[], szFlags[], szPrefix[], szModel_T[], szModel_CT[], szExpireDate[] ) 

    client_print( 0, print_chat, "A new admin was added, name: %s", szName ); 

* Configurations:
Spoiler Info: This is the file where you can assign players different flags, prefixes, and such.

“Nick|SteamID” “Password” “Flags” “Prefix” “Model_T” “Model_CT” “Immunity” “ExpireDate”

Immunity is a number, if someone has an immunity of 50, he can’t perform actions on another admin with higher immunity.
ExpireDate should be in MM/DD/YYYY – HH:MM:SS format

Spoiler Info: This is the file where you can change configs of the system (file names, values).

DEAD_PREFIX – The prefix that will show before player’s name when he’s talking while dead.
SPECTATOR_PREFIX – The prefix that will show before player’s namae when he’s talking while he is a spectator.
COMMAND_ADDADMIN – The command name to add a new admin (amx_addadmin by default)
ADMIN_ADD_FLAG – Flag required to add a new admin
USERS_FILE – File name for users file
BANS_FILE – File name for bans file
LOGS_FILE – File name for logs file (located in logs folder)
SYSTEM_PREFIX – Chat prefix
TIME_CHECK_ADMINS – Frequency (seconds) to re-load admins
UPDATE_BAN_FILE_FREQUENCY – Frequency (seconds) to re-load bans
CMDMENU_COMMANDS – Commands to open admin menu
KICK_FLAG – Flag to use amx_kick
BAN_FLAG – Flag to use amx_ban
ADD_BAN_FLAG – Flag to use amx_addban
UNBAN_FLAG – Flag to use amx_unban
SLAY_FLAG – Flag to use amx_slay
SLAP_FLAG – Flag to use amx_slap
WHO_FLAG – Flag to use amx_who
CVAR_FLAG – Flag to use amx_cvar
PLUGINS_FLAG – Flag to use amx_plugins
MAP_FLAG – Flag to use amx_map
NICK_FLAG – Flag to use amx_nick
RCON_FLAG – Flag to use amx_rcon
SHOW_RCON_FLAG – Flag to use amx_showrcon
MODULES_FLAG – Flag to use amx_modules
FREEZE_FLAG – Flag to use amx_freeze
SCREENSHOT_FLAG – Flag to use amx_ss
COMMANDS_MENU_FLAG – Flags to open admin menu

Spoiler Info: All bans are stored here
Syntax: <name> <steamid> <ip_address> <ban_expiration_date> <reason> <banned_by_admin>

<name> – Banned player’s name
<steamid> – Banned player’s steamid
<ip_address> – Banned player’s IP address
<ban_expiration_date> – Time when ban expires (DD/MM/YYYY – HH:MM:SS) format (24hrs)
<reason – The reason he got banned
<banned_by_admin> – The name of the admin who banned him

You must disable these plugins so my system can work properly:

• admin.amxx
• admin_sql.amxx
• admincmd.amxx
• adminhelp.amxx
• plmenu.amxx
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