iPhone 7: five things you need to know

iPhone 7: five things you need to know

You may have noticed that Apple has just announced a new iPhone. That means that finally we know all the details about it, and can kick the rumours and hearsay to the kerb.

With new colours, more storage and new waterproofing abilities, the new handset doesn’t disappoint. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

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1 More colours


The main difference from the 6S when it comes to design is the introduction of two new colours: black and jet black.

The latter is more glossy than the former. Of course, you can still buy it in rose gold, gold and silver.

But if you want space grey, you’re out of luck, as Apple has canned the colour.

The iPhone 7’s antenna bands are encased within the phone, meaning for a cleaner, simpler back design. And it has a new home button that’s force sensitive, though it looks the same as its predecessor.

2 More storage


If you’re an iPhone owner, you’ll know the frustration of your phone’s storage being full. Thankfully Apple has doubled all the storage options to 32GB, 128GB and 256GB.

Even the most ardent addict of games, apps and films will take a while to fill up the top-of-the-range model.

Apple has upped the storage options on the 6S and 6S Plus too. Looks like it does listen to its customers after all.

3 No headphone jack


The rumours were right: Apple has said ‘hit the road, Jack’ to the headphone jack.

This is one of the most controversial moves Apple could make. It’s supposedly to free up more space for a bigger battery.

And because it provides power, it means your earphones can use active noise cancellation without needing to be charged up.

Thankfully, Apple bundles a pair of EarPods that use the Lightning port with the phone, so you won’t need to shell out for a new pair.

It also includes a Lightning to mini phono audio adapter in the box, so you can use your old headphones. Though admittedly with an unsightly adapter.

Of course you can use wireless headphones too. Apple has launched a pair called AirPods that feature an infrared sensor that means they only play music when they’re in your ears.

You’ll get five hours of listening from a single charge, or 24 hours using the carry case.

4 New camera


The iPhone 7 now has optical image stabilisation, just like its bigger brother, the 7 Plus.

The larger aperture lets in 50 per cent more light, and the new 12-megapixel sensor is 60 per cent faster and 30 per cent more energy efficient.

The flash is more powerful, and a flicker sensor compensates for flickering light.

There’s also a new image signal processor that adjusts the white balance, exposure, noise reduction and other factors.

It performs a phenomenal 100 billion operations every 25 milliseconds. Now that’s fast.

Live Photos have video image stabilisation and you can edit them once you’ve snapped. Plus the front-facing camera has been boosted from five megapixels to seven.

Phew. Away from the camera, the iPhone 7 is water- and dust-resistant, has a screen that’s 25 per cent brighter than the 6S’s and has stereo speakers.

On average, its battery will last two hours longer than the iPhone 6S every day.

5 Pre-orders start September 9th


You can lay your money down from Friday. The handset should ship a week later on September 16th.

Prices start at £599 for the 32GB model. Stepping up to the 128GB model will cost you £699, while the 256GB option costs £799.

The jet black colour option is only available for the higher two storage options.

The iPhone 7 is available to pre-order now Head to our dedicated page tocompare iPhone 7 deals.

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