Umbrella’s Elite – Alpha Team

Umbrella’s Elite – Alpha Team

Umbrella’s Elite – Alpha Team




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This is my personal pack of CT skins based on popular models. Player-models have come through some inventory changing like adding grenades, pistols, googles and so on, + I’ve retextured them to fit Umbrella style at my taste.

They are not FPS-heavy so you should not get your game way too laggy like with many other fresh skins.


– Urban
– GSG9

I hope you would like them!

Authoring: I’ve done only retexturing and remodelling, nothing more. I do not pretend to be the first creator at any case.

Franky Fitzgerald (Dakota Blue Richards) is seen as an outsider, having arrived to her first year at Roundview three weeks late upon moving to Bristol from Oxford. She is an intelligent and creative girl, but is seen by others as strange, and is ostracised largely due to her androgynous dress sense. Alo Creevey (Will Merrick), something of an optimist, loves his dog and his van foremost. He is best friends with Rich Hardbeck (Alex Arnold), a boy from a very middle-class home who immerses himself in heavy metal subculture. He uses musical elitism as a means to cover up his own shyness when, among other things, interacting with girls.

Mini McGuinness (Freya Mavor), Liv Malone (Laya Lewis), and Grace Blood (Jessica Sula) have been best friends since childhood. By the time Franky arrives, image-conscious Mini has already established herself as Roundview’s new “queen bee”. She obscures her own insecurities (such as her body image, and her virginity), and is cruel to Franky and others. Of her two friends, Liv is the more devoted to Mini, and is more worldly and sexually voracious. By contrast, Grace—sweet, kind, and positive in her outlook—begins to disassociate herself from Mini after seeing Franky’s example, and in the first episode establishes a friendship with outsiders Franky, Alo and Rich. Mini’s boyfriend is Nick Levan (Sean Teale). His popularity makes him something of a status symbol for Mini, but his feelings for her are shallow and uncomplicated. His brother Matty (Sebastian de Souza) has strained relationships with his family, engages in criminal behaviour, and lives rough following an altercation with their father. In series six, the group befriend Alex Henley (Sam Jackson), who is gay and in particular forms a close friendship with Liv.

Giles Thomas returns as Doug, Roundview’s deputy headmaster as does comedian Chris Addison for a second and third year as headmaster David Blood. Josie Long returns in series six, once again as guidance counsellor Josie. Gordon Kennedy plays English teacher Alan Precopp, and Alistair McGowan plays Coach Pooter, Nick’s South African rugby coach.

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