Addons LS 2017/18

Addons LS 2017/18

Addons LS 2017/18







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This addons have some news , we update addons we put UCP 8.5,plugin.

We update Metamod in last version v1.21.1 because all hosting have metamod v1.19 or v1.20.

We put last version Dproto 0.9.547 because news version have some problem kick players some security

You can see some security in addons , fakeplayers,wallhack blocked,speedhack block , and you have some plugin extra i stoped all extra plugins but you can start witch do you like to have in your server jus to remove ; in name plugins.ini

I hope to like my addons

Creat by c0d3 for 😀


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    albzz 7 years

    Hej a muenesh mum ndhimue i kom 1 par addonsa edhe kur po ja shtie antireklamn nuk po funksionn ip qi i rreklamon po dalin amo veq pe qet ndalohet rreklamim a ne fakt po rreklamohen

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