Apple ready to produce a car?

Apple ready to produce a car?

The Apple electric car project, codenamed “Titan”, [1] is an electric car project allegedly undergoing research and development by Apple Inc. [2] It is rumored a substantial number of Apple Employees are working on this project. [3] [4] [5]

The project rumored Was To Be Approved by Apple CEO Tim Cook in late 2014 and Assigned to Vice President Steve Zadesky, a Former Ford engineer or project in-charge. [6] In January 2016, Steve Zadesky Was Reported To Be Personal Reasons for leaving Apple after 16 years. [7] [8] For the project, Apple Was rumored to have hired Johann Jungwirth, the Former president and chief executive of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development North America (Jungwirth is now working for Volkswagen AG), [9] as well as At least one transmission engineer . [10] [11] [12] [13] To date, Apple has yet to comment on any Plans to make an electric car.

Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs hadd Plans to design and build a car, according to Apple board member and J.Crew Group CEO Mickey Drexler, Who Said That discussions about the concept surfaced around the time Tesla Motors debuted That Its first car. [14] Former Apple Senior VP Tony Fadell iPod confirmed That Steve Jobs Was Interested in an Apple car back in 2008 shortly after the original iPhone Was Introduced. [15]

Reports indicate That the company has been INCENTIVES to Tesla Employees Offering to join Apple. [16] The Wall Street Journal reports That Would resemble more the product of a minivan than a car, [3] and The Sydney Morning Herald says That Could start production as soon as 2020. [17]

In May 2015, Apple investor Carl Icahn tycoon Stated That he believed the rumors Apple Said That Would enter the automobile market in 2020 and That Would Apple logically view this car as “the ultimate mobile device.” [18] [19]

In August 2015, The Guardian Apple Were Reported That meeting with Officials from GoMentum Station, [2] a testing ground for connected and autonomous vehicles at the Former Concord Naval Weapons Station in Concord, California. [20]

In September 2015, Apple There were reports That Were meeting with self-driving car Experts from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. [21] [22] [23] [24]

According to The Wall Street Journal, it Will Be a battery electric vehicle, initially lacking full autonomous driving capability, with a Possible unveiling around 2019. [25] [26] [27]

In October 2015, at the Wall Street Journal’s WSJDLive conference at The Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, California, Apple CEO Tim Cook Stated about the car industry said, ‘It would Seem like There Will Be massive change in That industry, massive change. You may not agree with that. That’s what I think … “We’ll see what we do in the futures. I do think That the industry is at an inflection point for massive change. “Cook enumerated Ways That the modern Descendants of the Ford Model T WOULD BE shaken to the very chassis-the Growing importancia of software in the car of the Future, the rise of autonomous vehicles, and the shift from an Internal Combustion engine to Electrification. [28]

In November 2015, Various websites Suspected Apple Reported That HAD front SixtyEight Research conference attended an auto body in Europe. [29]

Also in November 2015, after Faraday Future unknown startup EV Announced a $ 1 billion U.S. factory project, [30] Some speculated That it Might Actually Be A front for Apple’s secret car project. [31] [32]

In 2016, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk Stated That Apple Will probably make a compelling electric car: “It’s pretty hard to hide something f you hire over a thousand engineers to do it” [33]

In May 2016 Apple There were reports Indicating Was Interested in electric car charging stations. [34]

On July 29, 2016 Bloomberg Apple Technology Reported That HAD hired Dan Dodge, the founder and Former chief executive officer of QNX, Ltd.’s BlackBerry software automotive division. According to Bloomberg, Dodge’s Hiring heralds a shift in Emphasis at Apple’s Project Titan, in Which the Company Will give first priority ‘to Creating software for autonomous vehicles. Howevera, the story Said That Apple Will Continue to Develop a vehicle of Its own. [35]

On September 10, 2016 the New York Times print edition Reported dozens of layoffs in an Effort to reboot.

List of names claimed to swear unconfirmed working on the project [edit]
Jamie Carlson, an engineer on Tesla’s Autopilot self-driving car program, and Before That he worked on automotive vision systems for Michigan-based Supplier Gentex Corp. [36]
Megan McClain, a Volkswagen AG Former engineer with Expertise in automated driving. [36]
Vinay Palakkode, a graduate researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, a hub of automated driving research. [36]
Xianqiao Tong, an engineer WHO Developer computer vision software for driver assistance systems at microchip maker Nvidia Corp. NVDA.O. [36]
Paul Furgale, Former deputy director of the Autonomous Systems Lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. [36]
Sanjai Massey, an engineer with experience in Developing connected and automated vehicles at Ford and Several Suppliers. [36]
Stefan Weber, a Bosch Former engineer with experience in video-based driver assistance systems. [36]
Lech Szumilas, a research scientist with Delphi Former Expertise in computer vision and object detection. [36]
Doug Betts, Former global quality leader at Fiat Chrysler. [37]
Johann Jungwirth, Former head of research and development at Mercedes [38] – left for VW in Nov. 2015 [39]
Mujeeb Ijaz, a Former Ford Motor Co. engineer, WHO’s Venture Founded A123 Systems Technologies division, Which Focused on materials research, cell battery electrical product development and advanced Concepts (who helped staff recruited four to five researchers from A123, a battery technology company) [17]
Nancy Sun, formerly vice president of electrical engineering at Mission Motors electric motorcycle company in San Francisco [40]
Mark Sherwood, formerly director of powertrain engineering systems at Mission Motors [40]
Eyal Cohen, formerly vice president of software and electrical engineering at Mission Motors [40]
Jonathan Cohen, Former director of Nvidia’s deep learning software [41] Nvidia uses deep learning in Its Nvidia Drive PX platform, Which is used in driver assistance systems. [42]
Chris Porritt – Former Tesla vice president of vehicle engineering and Former Aston Martin chief engineer.

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