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This plugin punishes players that camp too long. Camping is a strategy, no doubt about it. However, like most things in life, it’s best done in moderation. That’s why Bad Camper exists. It allows players to camp but encourages them to not pitch a tent.

There can be a combination of punishments that get applied to a player that camps too long. Punishments start when the player’s camping meter reaches 80%. They get worse at 90%. They finally come to a crescendo at 100%.



If you are posting in this thread because the plugin or a feature of the plugin isn’t working for you, please do all of the following so that we can more efficiently figure out what’s going on:

If you have access to your game server’s console, type the following in the server console:

  • status
  • meta list
  • amxx plugins
  • amxx cvars

If you don’t have access the your game server’s console, join your server and type the following in your game console:

  • status
  • rcon_password your_rcon_password
  • rcon meta list
  • rcon amxx plugins
  • rcon amxx cvars

Paste everything from the status command *except* the player list.
Paste the entire result from the meta list and amxx plugins commands.
Paste *only* the CVARs that contain “bad_camper.amxx” in the last column from the amxx cvars command. They will be grouped together.


File Locations:

  • .\gamemod\addons\amxmodx\plugins\bad_camper.amxx
  • .\gamemod\addons\amxmodx\data\lang\bad_camper.txt
  • .\gamemod\sounds\misc\snore.wav


  • fun (required)
  • fakemeta (required)
  • cstrike (optional; required if utilizing money reduction punishment)
  • csx (required if running CS or CS:CZ)
  • dodx (required if running DoD)
  • tfcx (required if running TFC)

Options (CVARS)

badcamper_punish <iFlags>
Specifies how a player is to be punished when they camp too long. A value of 0 will disable this plugin.

The flags are additive.

  • 1: Slap
  • 2: Health Reduction
  • 4: Sound (set sound via badcamper_sound)
  • 8: Blind
  • 16: Money Reduction (requires CSTRIKE module)
  • 32: Snark Attack (requires Monster Mod with Snarks enabled)

The default is 12 (snore and blind).

badcamper_sound <iFlag>
Specifies the sound to use as a punishment when the badcamper_punish flag includes the “sound” punishment.

  • 1: Snore
  • 2: Heartbeat

The default is 1 (snore).

badcamper_money <iPercentage>
Specifies the percentage of money taken away when a player’s meter reaches 100% when using the “money reduction” punishment.

The default is 10 percent.

badcamper_limit <iSeconds>
Specifies the number of seconds a player can camp in one spot before their camping meter will reach 100%.

The default is 35 seconds.

badcamper_display <iPercentage>
Specifies the percentage at which the meter is displayed to the player. Valid values range from 0 (never show) to 100.

The default is 1 percent.

badcamper_show_spec <0|1>
Specifies whether to allow spectators to see other player’s meters.

The default is 1, to allow it.

badcamper_check_all <0|1>
Specifies whether only the team with the current primary objective should be checked for camping or if both teams should.

  • 0: only check the team with the current primary objective
  • 1: always check both teams

The default is 1.

The current primary objective is defined as follows:

  • if the map is not a “de” map, the CTs have the primary objective
  • if the map is a “de” map and the bomb hasn’t been planted, the Ts have the primary objective
  • if the map is a “de” map and the bomb has been planted, the CTs have the primary objective

badcamper_immunity_flags <cAccessLevels>
Specifies the access level flags needed for a player to have immunity.

Immunity is achieved by standing completely still and not looking around for approximately 6 seconds. The camp meter will still increase until it reaches 65% or more at which time it’ll stop until they move or look around again. If the meter is already at 80% or higher, the meter won’t stop.

Set this CVAR to blank to disallow immunity.

For available flags,…#Access_Levels

The default is blank (no immunity).

A common value, when admin immunity is desired, is to use the “a” flag (ADMIN_IMMUNITY).

badcamper_start <iSeconds>
Specifies how many seconds after the freeze time ends each round that the meter will start.

The default is 4 seconds.

Note that camping is checked every 2 seconds so any value you put in here will effectively be rounded up as such.

badcamper_damage_reset <iResetType>
Specifies if the attacker’s or defender’s meter gets reset when the player is injured by another.

  • 0: No meters are reset.
  • 1: The attacker’s meter is reset.
  • 2: The defender’s meter is reset.
  • 3: Both meters are reset.

The default is 3.

badcamper_damage_restart <iSeconds>
Specifies how many seconds after a player either gives or receives damage that the meter will restart.

The default is 4 seconds.

Note that camping is checked every 2 seconds so any value you put in here will effectively be rounded up as such.

badcamper_health <iHealthPoints>
Specifies how many points of health to remove from the player every 2 seconds once their meter reaches 100% if using the health reduction punishment. If the health reduction punishment is not being used, this CVAR has no effect.

The default is 10 health points.

badcamper_allow <iPlayerCount|iPlayerPercent%>
Specifies when a team that is being checked for camping is allowed to camp. A value of 0 doesn’t allow a team to camp.

The default is 0.

The value can either be expressed as a straight count or as a percentage. If the value is being expressed as a percentage, “%” has to follow the value. Examples below. If the value is a count, players can camp when the number of living players on their team falls to this value or lower. If the value is a percentage, players can camp when the percentage of living players on their team is at this value or lower when compared to the living players on the other team.


badcamper_allow 2
Pretty straight-forward. Once there are 2 or fewer players left alive on your team, you can camp.

badcamper_allow 40%
More powerful and complex. Once your team comprises of living players that is 40% or less than the number of living players on the other team, you can camp. For instance (assume your team is listed first) the following match-ups would allow your team to camp: 1v4, 2v5, 3v8, 4v12, 5v13, 6v15.

badcamper_min_players <iPlayers>
Specifies the minimum number of players that have to be connected to the server before players are allowed to camp.

The default is 0 players.

This CVAR affects both badcamper_check_all and badcamper_allow functionality.

badcamper_announce <announcementType>
Specifies how to announce to the opposite team that a player is camping.

  • 0: Make no announcement.
  • 1: Announce via chat.
  • 2: Announce via HUD.
  • 3: Announce via chat and HUD.

The default is 3 (chat and HUD).


badcamper list
Lists the punishments in the console and indicates which of them are active.



AMXX 1.8 or higher only.
TFC (untested)
Language Translations:

If you Would like to translate the language file for a language not already translated or you want to fix a problem with a language translated incorrectly dry it, please do so here: = 21674.
Change Log

[2008-07-21] v1.4.239
Compatible with AMXX 1.80 or higher only.
Fixed issue Where Would the spectator meter display in the spectated player’s language Rather than the spectator’s language.
[2007-08-24] v1.4
Added cvar to aid in debugging; Allows meter to run When only one person is on the server. Badcamper_debug set to 1 if using this.
Removed BugBlatter’s “Monster Mode” support. That rationale being players Could crash your server by typing “meta list” in developer’s console When using it.
Killed All snarks are now at the end of Each round, f using Snark punishment.
Fixed discrepancy between documentation and code. Changed “badcamper_announce” cvar to default to 3, as per the Documenation.
Fixed issue Where Was hltv counting as a player, THUS camping is affecting When checked.
The camp now affec bots meter That Will camp. Oh, and your f camps bot, bot You need a new or better waypoint files.
Fixed discrepancy between Documenation and code. Can WHO changed camp (based on Objectives) When not on a map with a bomb site. Can everyone from Changed to only Ts can.
[2007 APR 03] v1.3b
Fixed issue Where Would go sideways screen reduction health f Was punishment used.
[2007 APR 02] v1.3
That kinda dumb Fixed bug broke everything else.
Note to self: Do not make changes right Before releasing.
[2007 APR 02] v1.3
Compatible with AMXX 1.71 or higher only.
The ‘CSX’, ‘dodx’, or ‘tfcx’ has to swear enabled modules, mod Depending on what game you are running.
Added DoD (tested) and TFC (untested) mod support.
Made more code optimizations.
Defuser’s meter When Will now swear paused bomb is being defused.
Planter’s meter paused Will Be more accurately than in previous versions.
Previous versions Would the player’s pause for the full meter I would take time to plant the bomb, Even If They stopped planting in the meantime.
Specifying method of Altered immunity from admin to define cvar.
Replaced with badcamper_immunity_flags badcamper_immunity cvar.
Fixed overlapping “so and so is now camping” messages.
Added option to Allow spectators to see players’ Meters. Default is to show the meter.
Fixed not always obeying meter “based on Objectives” team. (Thanks sasdad and arkshine!)
Fixed issue with ATAC 3.x reduction whereas the health Could Cause a player to get bowl.
[2006 MAR-12] v1.2
Compatible with AMXX 1.70 or higher only.
The ‘fakemeta’ needs to swear enabled modules.
Fixed issue where clause cleanup round wouldn’t end f the round eu Was performed as Opposed to ending restarted Normally.
Auto-detects the if you’re using the Supplied “Monster” metamod. If you are using a Different version of “Monster”, reverts to less fine control over snarks.
F Removed Need to recompile using this plugin in a game other than mod Counter-Strike.
F Removed Need to recompile using the “Snark Attack” punishment. Now, IF you indicate to use “Snark attack” as a punishment, you do not have soft “Monster” installed, you’ll get errors in your log files.
Disabled meter When there is only one person on the server. This is useful for When you want to sit on your server the while waiting for others to join.
Implemented more accurate way of detecting the f bomb Was A map map.
Optimized the code to use less CPU usage.
[2005 DEC 10] v1.1
Added “Snark attack” punishment. Requires “Monster Mod” to be installed.
Changed “Slap” punishment to Increase in power as the meter gets Higher. Note That When slapped, the player may get slapped far enough Actually That It would lower the player’s meter.
Added “badcamper_money” cvar to Specify what Percentage of money to take away at 100% When using the “reduction money” punishment. Defaults to 10% as the case Was Was Introduced Before the option.
Added “badcamper_damage_reset” That flag cvar specifies the meter (s) to reset When a player is attacked. Defaults to both attacker and defender of developer having reset meter as the case Was Was Introduced Before the option.
Replaced “snore” punishment with “sound” punishment. The type of sound Can Be defined by a new cvar “badcamper_sound”. There are two types of sounds, “snore” (default value) and “heartbeat”.
Fixed bug Where a player’s meter f Was 100% and the blind Was punishment being used, When Was the player attacked or attacked by another, the blind player Would stay blind Instead of regaining vision immediately.
Added “list badcamper” That command lists available and indicates Which punishments are currently active (as per the badcamper_punish active cvar).
Added “badcamper_announce” cvar flag to indicate how to announc That a player is said camping and camping When the player stops. Will announc the name of the camper at 90% and said again When the meter gets below 80%. Options are to print or chat, or a HUD message, Both, or neither.
Fixed bug Where The cvar ‘badcamper_allow hadd no effect, THUS IF set to a value Higher than 0 a team still Would never be allowed to camp.
[2005 SEP 24] v1.0
Initial release.

Original design inspiration, Many Concepts, and code came from the great plugin Advanced AntiCamping Originally written by SpaceDudes, rewritten by xHomicide, ported to AMXX by rex, and tweaked by [SWE] RaWDeaL.

Specific Features:
after a specific display meter Percentage
thanks for the idea to goldfish
thanks to [SWE] RaWDeaL for the initial code
check with current primary objective team
thanks to [SWE] RaWDeaL for the idea and initial code
reduction money punishment
thanks to Isobold for the idea and initial code
When camping Allow x players left alive on your team
thanks for the idea to pl2003
admin immunity
thanks for the idea to algee2005
Allow the meter to start immediately
thanks for the idea to rory535
blind punishment
thanks for the idea to Hikasa
Snark attack punishment
thanks for the idea to Curryking
multiple sound options
thanks to ToT | V! PER for the idea
reset meter options
thanks for the idea to Elimination
camping announcement
thanks to [SWE] RaWDeaL for the idea

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