Counter-Strike 1.6 2017 CSGAME

Counter-Strike 1.6 2017 CSGAME

Counter-Strike 1.6 2017 CSGAME





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Counter-Strike 1.6 Favorite is an assembly created by an ordinary player for your personal taste and color, you will not see anything super-cool in it. The assembly is designed exclusively for those users who do not want any global changes and mostly use the classical version, but still they lack something, maybe a balanced client or small changes in the design, there can be many reasons, this version of CS 1.6 Favorite will give Second wind to the jerky players on the standard assembly.

What’s in it that we put it on the site? The weight of the assembly has become much smaller, the unique design from the CSFAV community , the navi training has been established, professional bots that will not let not a single player with nick names get relaxed from the well-known prog players,



* Build from me personally and from the CSFav community;
* Final 43 patch (48 protocol) and the latest updates;
* Original models and sprites;
* Based on the original version of the game;
* Russian chat;
* Russification of all that is possible;
* Professional bots with nicknames of famous teams;
* Own graphics;
* Optimization and acceleration of the game;
* Rewritten ~ 6000 files;
* No ads and the most minimal weight;
* Maps for competitions and often used;
* Own top view (some map symbols);
* Bind command “/ rs” on the key “=”;

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    xhino 7 years

    admin a ka naj menyr me ndreq ucp per windows 10

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    aka ucp KJO CS

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    Vallahin ma palidhje CS 1.6 Ska
    Skam koment teper palidhje !

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