Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game published by Activision. Sledgehammer Games Developer the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox versions of the game, High Moon Studios Developer While the versions released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and Raven Software Developer the game’s multiplayer and the Exo-Zombies mode.

Advanced Warfare is Sledgehammer’s first Call of Duty title Where They are the primary developer, Following The Supporting work They did on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Alongside Infinity Ward in 2011. The game was released on November 4, 2014 But a special edition titled the Day Zero Edition, Which came with bonus in-game content, was released on November 3 for people WHO pre-Ordered the game. The game wasnt released on the Wii U, Making it the first SINCE title in the series Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to not swear released on either the Wii or Wii U.

Before the development of Advanced Warfare, Sledgehammer Were Originally working on an action-adventure game titled Call of Duty: Fog of War, Which Was going to swear set During the events of the Vietnam War. Development for Advanced Warfare Began in late 2011 shortly Before the release of Modern Warfare 3. The game became the first entry in the Call of Duty series SINCE Call of Duty 2 game engine to feature a hadd That Its Majority has re-Written and built from scratch. For the game’s single-player campaign mode, Sledgehammer employed veteran actors Troy Baker and Kevin Spacey in Lead Roles. The game’s story, featuring a futuristic setting Which is set between 2054 and 2061, Follows Jack Mitchell of the United States Marine Corps and his interactions with Atlas, a private military corporation That Sells Its services to the Highest Bidder.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was released to a positive critical reception and Was declared an improvement over Its predecessor, Call of Duty: Ghosts. Many Critics praised the visuals, Which Were called “Excellent” by Some, the single-player campaign, Which Some Critics saw as the best in the Call of Duty series, the fast, dynamic, and exciting gameplay, and the content-rich multiplayer . The game won Several awards and Was considered a commercial success.

Advanced Warfare, like the other Call of Duty titles, is Presented in a first-person shooter perspective. The game features Several significant changes; Unlike other installments, Advanced Warfare does not use a traditional heads-up display (HUD); Instead, all information is relayed to the player via holographic projections EQUIPPED from the weapon. [6] The general gunplay Remains unchanged, apart from new mechanics, Such as ‘Exo’ Movements. Exo These Movements are performed from the Exoskeleton, Which Can Boost, dash, jump and sky. [7] The game is the first in the Call of Duty series That Allows the player to Choose differing types of conventional weaponry; for example, the game features regular conventional firearms, But Can Choose the player to use laser weaponry or Directed energy, Both Of Which have differing attributes. [8] In addition to Exo Movements, the game features Exo Different Abilities, Such as Exo Cloak, Which Allows players to turn transparent for stealth for a period of time. [9]

Campaign [edit]
The single-player campaign features one sole playable character, Jack Mitchell, as Opposed to multiple characters in previous Call of Duty games. [10] It makes me use of pre-rendered cut scenes Cinematic, Similar to Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Assisting in the story telling aspect of the campaign. [6] After each mission, the player is Give A CERTAIN AMOUNT of upgrade points That Can Be used to upgrade weapons or the Exo suit. The player Can upgrade detection, armor, Resistance, tactical, lethal grenade, sprint, recoil, flinch, reload, quick aim, and battery. Totally, 22 points are needed to upgrade all of the Exo system upgrade. The AMOUNT of points are Given That is Determined by the players performance in the missions. The player may earn additional points by side Completing specific Objectives, one of Which is collecting the game’s collectable ‘Intel’. [11] The player Different Can switch between Grenada, all of Which possesse distinctly Different Abilities. [12]

Multiplayer [edit]
Apart from the Exo movement, Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer CERTAIN retains similarities to previous Call of Duty titles. The Pick 10 system in Black Ops II returns as Pick 13, allowing players to pick weapons, attachments, perks and score-streaks Within a total allocation of 13 points. [13] Also Score-streaks are upgradable with Different modules, allowing for additional Abilities / effects, score at an extra cost. [14] Advanced Warfare introduces weapon variants, Which Contain Various stats Different weapons compared to the base. This Allows the game to Contain over 350 weapons, Both variants and base versions. [15] Supply drops Allow players to earn new gears through playing the game. The content of supply Each drop is randomized, and Can range from weapon variants to player customization items, as well as bonus experience points (XPs) time. [16] Can complete daily Challenges Players to earn supply drops. [17]

Exo Survival [edit]
Exo Survival Was Introduced first as Advanced Warfare’s cooperative game mode. [18] Considered to swear a new version of the Survival Mode from Modern Warfare 3, [19] Survival Exo Allows up to four players to ENGAGE in a wave-based match-controlled A.I. Against Enemies. [20] Players Can Choose from four Different classes of Exo, Which grant Different Abilities and score-streaks. Weapons and score-streaks Can Be upgraded throughou Each match. After A Certain number of rounds, players are Objectives Given to Perform, Such as defending a location, or collecting intel from fallen Enemies. Completing the Objectives grant players upgrade bonus points; Result Completing not say in the players being punished, Exo Their Such suits as having temporarily disabled or hostile Activating security turrets. [21] Exo Survival is played on the game’s multiplayer maps, with a total of 13 maps divived Into four tiers. Each tier Can Be unlocked by playing the previous tier and survive a specific number of rounds. [21]

Exo Zombies [edit]
Exo Zombies Was first teased at the end of the Exo Survival map “Riot” and Was Officially Announced with the Havoc downloadable content (DLC) pack. [22] The game features zombies That utilize exo suits, say giving more maneuverability. The game stars mode five brand new characters. [23]

Exo Zombies plays similarly to the original Zombies game mode That has been featured in Treyarch’s Call of Duty games SINCE Call of Duty: World at War: up to four players have to survive Against endless waves of undead Enemies, with an optional story quest, or easter egg, That Can Be done at any time During a match. Players earn points by injuring and / or killing zombies, and use Those points to open doors / clear Obstacles, or buy new weapons and perks to strengthen Their chance of survival. Players Can Also acquire exo suits in the game mode, allowing to utilize new Movements say. Different types of zombies are present in the game, Including That Charger zombies have increased movement speed, and Electro-magnetic zombies (EMZs) That Can disable the players’ Exo suit in close proximity. [24] With the release of the Reckoning DLC pack, a new hardcore mode called “Double Feature” Was Introduced Also, Which Can only eu unlocked by finishing the final story of the quest map “Descent”. In Double Feature, Nearly all HUD elements are removed (except the point counter), zombies have more health and only give points to players upon death, players only get one life per round, and the game is played with a black-and-white Mimic filter to horror movies.

The first Exo Zombies map, “Outbreak”, was released as part of the Havoc DLC map pack. [22] The second map, “Infection” was released as part of the ascendance DLC pack. [25] The third map, “Carrier”, was released as part of the Supremacy DLC pack. [26] The final map, “Descent”, was released as part of the Reckoning DLC pack.

In 2054, North Korea has advanced technologies Developer, tell Enabling to turn the tide Against South Korea. After a briefing, United States Marine Corps Private and best friends Jack Mitchell (Troy Baker) and Will Irons (Paul Telfer) take part in a massive drop shock raid Against the North Koreans in Seoul, under the command of Sergeant Cormack (Russell Richardson) . Will is Killed in action after Protecting Mitchell, WHO has Severed His left arm and is CRAM to swear discharged from military service. After attending Will’s funeral, Mitchell is Offered a position in Atlas Corporation, the World’s Most powerful private military contractor, by CEO Jonathan Irons (Kevin Spacey), Will’s father, and is Also Given an advanced Prosthetic arm to replace bis lost one.

Meanwhile, a terrorist group named the KVA, led by a man named Joseph technophobic “Hades” Chkheidze (Ibrahim Sharif), begins Numerous staging terrorist attacks, with the world stop turning to Atlas to say. Mitchell, Along with Gideon (Gideon Emery), Joker (Jeremy Kent Jackson) and other Atlas Nigerian soldiers rescue the prime minister and capture a KVA technologis in Lagos, Nigeria During a technology summit. Howevera, by 2055, the KVA’s attacks have more Become Sophisticated and Mitchell and his team fail to Prevent forcing the AVR from a nuclear reactor meltdown on Bainbridge Island, Washington. The KVA launch simultaneous attacks Worldwide Against nuclear power plants, irradiating Numerous cities, killing Thousands of people and putting national governments and militaries in Turmoil. Atlas emerges as the dominant military force in the world by aiding Civilians AFFECTED by the attacks and holding back the KVA’s rampage.

Four years later in 2059, Mitchell and Gideon search an abandoned downtown Detroit, Michigan to find Dr. Pierre Danois (Erik Passo), the KVA’s second-in-command. During the mission, Mitchell and Gideon are ambushed, soft saved by a mysterious group of soldiers. After Ilona (Angela Gots), an ex-Spetsnaz operative Atlas, interrogates the doctor, the team tracks Hades to Santorini, Greece, KVA Where Leaders are holding a conference. Mitchell Hades and Fatally Wounds corners Him, But with his last breath, Hades utters “Irons knows,” and gives Mitchell a data chip.

Ilona analyzes the chip, Which shows the technologis Irons broke the killing captured in Nigeria after learning of the attack global KVA, Proving That he deliberately allowed the attacks to occure to Improve Atlas’ Reputation and power. Attempts to have Mitchell Irons and Ilona Arrested, But They escape Atlas ‘headquarters in the Rebuilt New Baghdad, guided by a mysterious soldier, Gideon While Stays by Irons’ side for further Investigation. The mysterious soldier reveals himself to swear Mitchell’s old squad leader, Cormack, WHO is now a member of the Sentinel Task Force, an international effort basis initially created to investigate the KVA power plant attacks, soft now repurposed to Prevent Atlas’ rise to power.

In 2060, Mitchell, now a Sentinel, joins Cormack, Ilona, and Knox (Khary Payton) to infiltrate Irons’ private residence in Bangkok. The team discovers That Dr. Danois (now working under the alias Bellamy) is collaborating with Irons on “Manticore”, a bio-weapon. They set up a tracker on a plan carrying the bio-weapon bound for Argentina. Sentinel intercepts the plans later, qual crashes in Antarctica, Where Gideon Appears and helps the sentinels Atlas Defeat the soldiers. Successfully The team retrieves the WMD and a sample. After Analyzing it, broke the Discover That Manticore is a bio-weapon Designed to attack the DNA of Individuals and kill them. The only exceptions are any members of Atlas. The sentinels, now joined by Gideon, infiltrate and Destroy an Atlas bio-weapons laboratory in Bulgaria, eliminating Manticore Many of the samples.

Revealed with his full, Irons releases bis ultimatum to remove all Politicians, Whom he thinks are the problems of the world, at the United Nations General Assembly and Declares war on the world. The sentinels Discover Irons That is Planning a preemptive strike on the United States and try to stop an attack on the country Atlas in San Francisco, California. Atlas destroys the Golden Gate Bridge, trapping the 3rd U.S. fleet in the Bay Area, and Attempts to Destroy the fleet in a single strike. The sentinels use a railgun aboard an aircraft carrier Atlas to Destroy the attacking ships. With the ultimatum and the attack on U.S. soil, the United States, Along with the rest of the world, Declares war on Atlas, forcing bis Irons to retreat to headquarters in New Baghdad.

Seven months later, the sentinels and the United States Army to attack New Baghdad Irons Bring to justice. Howevera, Atlas releases Manticore, killing Knox and Most of the attacking Troops. Mitchell, Ilona, and Gideon, Whose DNA are recognized by Manticore as Atlas Former soldiers, are spared, as well as Cormack, Who Was outside the blast radius. Cormack, Ilona, Mitchell and Gideon are captured and Brought to an Atlas prison camp, Which Also runs experiments on Its Inmates Manticore. The sentinels escape, soft shoots Irons Cormack’s leg leaving Him to bleed to death and severely damages Mitchell’s Prosthetic arm. As They escape the facility, Discover That broke the Irons already has enough to attack Manticore Every military base in the world and launching an ICBM Will Be loaded with the bio-weapon shortly.

Mitchell and Gideon launch a lone assault on the Atlas HQ battlesuits the while using heavily armored and manage to Destroy the ICBM. They find the other Irons as sentinels Prepare to bombard the building, disables Irons Their soft exoskeletons. Mitchell, CRAM to release the exoskeleton to chase Irons, Irons tackles at the edge of the building. Irons hangs onto Mitchell’s Prosthetic arm, soft Mitchell Prosthetic severs bis, bis sending Irons falling to death. As Gideon arrives to Carry Him out of the building, Mitchell notes That Irons’ death Was Only The Beginning and the War Against Atlas is far from over.

Following a failed Attempt to Contain a riot at a prison in New Baghdad, the Atlas Corporation releases the Manticore bioweapon in order to end the battle. Howevera, Instead of killing the rioters, the Manticore say reanimates bomb as zombies. Three platoons are sent in to cage the undead forces, But only one survives, and the others are Brought back to an Atlas facility for further research studies. The research is Carried out in secret, without the knowledge of the Employees of Said facility, in a hidden area known as Sub-Level 6.

One night, captured the zombies break out of containment and Overrun the developer’s facility, Atlas infecting personnel in the process. Amidst the chaos, four Atlas Employees – The Janitor Oz (John Malkovich), the IT specialist Lilith (Rose McGowan), the security guard Decker (Jon Bernthal), and the executive Kahn (Bill Paxton) – Attempt to Evacuate, soft Both of Their rescue Helicopters are destroyed. The four Survivors mount a last stand Against the zombie horde, are soft Eventually defeated. Howevera, Atlas They are rescued by force, said WHO say to take a facility, Located near a Burger Town restaurant, for medical treatment. When the four Survivors recover, They are Throw Into Battle Against The Infected another. Eventually, the group is rescued by Sentinel Task Force operatives, soft Their leader, Captain Lennox (Bruce Campbell), WHO Claims That Oz is the source of the zombie infection, executes Him with a bullet to the head, said has bis men inject Lilith , Decker and Kahn with anesthetic. Howevera, Atlas forces ambush and RECLAIM say the ex-Atlas Employees. Sentinel tell tracks down, leading to an Atlas say aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean. Oz, howevera, begins to reanimate the while being transported on one of the Sentinel’s Razorbacks. Upon arriving Within the carrier, Lennox Atlas locates the three Survivors and tell leads in battle Against the combined forces of zombies and soldiers Atlas. Inside the ship, broke the diagrams depicting find Several Oz, WHO is labeled as “Patient Zero”. Lennox Oz reveals That Was once part of Sentinel, and That Was he present at the prison Manticore When Atlas released the bomb, Making Him one of the very first Victims of the infection. Oz Claims That He Was Also planted in Kahn’s facility, and Was The One That Started the zombie outbreak. The group said the ship decides to sink to the bottom of the ocean, in order to Prevent the infection from spreading. They set the ship to self-destruct, soft Before They Can extract in an emergency pod, broke the encounter Oz, now fully zombified.

The group escapes and decides That Must Be eliminated Oz, and head to a nearby facility Atlas survival underwater, the Trident Retreat. Oz, howevera, has already arrived at the facility and Murdered all Atlas Employees Within the base. The group bands together for one final battle Against the undead horde, Including Himself Oz. After undertaking Various Challenges set by Oz, They are teleported Into a digital representation of Oz’s memory, Where Kahn, Lilith and Decker learn the truth: While They are immune to the Manticore virus’ effect, They Can Be Used as a cure for the infection , Unlikely Oz. Having finished all of Oz’s Challenges, the group confronts Him perfect date, WHO has mutated Into a monstrous figure. After a long fight, Killed Oz is the perfect date, and the group proceeds to burn bis mutated corpse, vowing vengeance Against Atlas. In the Aftermath of the incident, Lennox is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, and he helps enlist in Sentinel Decker as a full-fledged soldier; Kahn files a lawsuit Against Atlas, with the help of Lilith, the WHO now works as a hacktivist. Unbeknownst to the group, the Atlas Corporation has already created clones of Oz, all hidden under the Trident Kept facility. The camera zooms in on one of the clones, Which opens Its eyes, and Oz, narrating in the background, reaffirms His hatred of the Altas corporation.

Before being switched to Become the co-developers of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Sledgehammer Games Was already working on a Call of Duty game called Call of Duty: Fog of War. Was Announced Fog of War Before and after Modern Warfare 3 Black Ops. It Was To Be set During the events of the Vietnam War and Was Said To Be an action-adventure third-person shooter video game. A massively multiplayer Call of Duty online game Was Also rumored to swear in development. [28] Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg later Modern Warfare 3 Stated That wasn’t the Same title as Sledgehammer Games’ action-adventure Call of Duty game. When asked f the action-adventure game in development Was Also, Hirshberg said Stated That Was the team Sledgehammer fully Focused on Modern Warfare 3 and That Their own title hadd been put on hold. [29]

A new game in the Call of Duty series Was To Be Announced released in November 2014. [30]

Director Michael Condrey Said That the Majority of the engine has been built from scratch. He Stated That although there are lines left of the old code, there are new rendering, animation, physics and audio systems. [31] With the Improved engine, the audio has been built from the ground up. According to Don Veca, WHO worked on Advanced Warfare, the audio in the game is very advanced Which gives the game a genuine and great feel. Saying That last audio does not come as it did in previous titles, Glen Schofield says “We Make Sure That audio is just as Important as anything else and Don’s in there with us from the start.”

Another objective Sledgehammer That accomplished with Advanced Warfare Were the animations. The animating facial system and set is the Same as James Cameron’s upcoming Avatar 2, a first for Call of Duty. According to Activision, the new three-year development cycle Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Mean That Was Able developer Sledgehammer Games to create a “near photorealistic ‘world Unlikely Before any Call of Duty. [32] Michael Condrey confirmed in a tweet That WOULD BE Advanced Warfare featuring female soldiers in multiplayer, as well. [33]

On June 6, 2014 in an issue of MCVOnline Magazine, It Was confirmed That High Moon Studios, the team behind the Deadpool video game and Transformers games, Was working on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Advanced Warfare, the while Sledgehammer Games is Focusing on the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the title. [34] Activision has confirmed That there wouldn’t swear a release on the Wii U, the first Making main Advanced Warfare Call of Duty game to not see a release on a Nintendo platform SINCE Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 in 2009.

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