Counter-Strike 1.6 2017 KOT3

Counter-Strike 1.6 2017 KOT3

Counter-Strike 1.6 2017 KOT3





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Counter-Strike 1.6 , like all other shooters in some way bothers with its uniformity, the players want something new unusual, but at the same time they do not want to leave their favorite game and then various assemblies of cs 1.6 come to the rescue , at the moment the choice is huge And more and more often they are releasing something new in the world, probably because of this the game is still alive all alive and has been keeping its mark for more than 15 years, the game servers have been hammered, and the players are happy.
Build CS 1.6 Revolution – one of the few gaming clients that has its own zest, want a new interface – please, the model of weapons and players – no question, icons of sprites, music and other trivia, all this is in the newest assembly of Revolution which believe in the word will please your eye Their unique contributions,


And now more about the features:
Variety and coloring of weapons models;
New, nice and beautiful players skins;
Excellent dark interface with a unique logo;
Downloading Mouzon when starting the game;
Changed the font of health indicators, clips and other;
Russian-speaking bots, complete Russification of the game, Russian chat and nickname;
Revolutionary client protection from malicious servers;
Forget about the small number of servers in the search; Fast file upload, minimum ping and maximum FPS;

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    donart 6 years

    a ka ucp?

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    rifat 4 years

    cs zbon

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    rifat 3 years

    ajo cs oldschoolgaming a ka ucp 8.5

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