Default weapons recompile

Default weapons recompile

Default weapons recompile




Download : Click Here


Okay you will be needing 2 things for this tutorial.
Winrar @ Winrar
and our example Fuse’s Garand – EoTech.

  1. Once your skin is downloaded, extract it to where ever you want. I extracted the skin to the desktop.
  2. Go to the folder of the skin and read the read me or look at the screenshots or whatever you want(I usually take this part and delete the .vmts or normals because I want better fps but you can do whatever you want. )But at the end press “cut” on the weapons name folder it should say k98. Now find this folder: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\ To get there, click on My Computer, C: Drive, Program Files, Press “S” to find s folder go to steam then press “S” twice and your at “Steam Apps” go to “common”. Now follow the trail! I bet your feeling a little bit like Alice in Wonderland wanting to see how far the whole goes… no you aren’t because I’m telling you! Just be sure to follow the explanation, the images are somewhat outdated, but paint a clear picture nonetheless.
  3. Click on day of defeat source in your common folder. (Refer to screenshot A)
  4. Click on dod in your day of defeat folder. (Refer to screenshot B)
  5. Go into your custom folder
  6. Make a new folder and name it something rememorable.
  7. Create a folder named materials
  8. Create a folder named models in your materials folder. (Refer to screenshot C)
  9. Create a”Weapons” folder in your models folder. (Refer to screenshot D)
  10. create a v_models in the weapons folder. (Refer to screenshot E)

v\_models=what you see in First Person

w\_models=what you see on the ground or somebody’s hand while running.

  • Now in your v_models folder, paste the models we copied earlier.
    (Refer to screenshot F)

That’s it, you are done! If it does not work, feel free to post in the forums or pm me.


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