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This Jetpack got some features . I (KleeneX) wrote it after a request from
a friend. It’s like a normal weapon from CS (except you must buy it
in the console). You can: Drop it, pick it up, buy it (of course ;)),
Model Replacing and you can shoot rockets .

If you enable “jp_arena” (a CVAR) everyone gets a Jetpack every new
round and only can use this. It makes much fun on maps with low Gravity .

============================================= ==
Commands & CVARs:
buyjet – Buys a jetpack.
say /jphelp – Shows you a help in a MOTD window.
jp_vote – Starts vote for Jetpack.

jp_active 0 – <1/0> Turns Jetpack on or off.
jp_arena 0 – <1/0> Turns JetPack arena on or off.
jp_version Jetpack v1.0 – Is a server CVAR which helps players to find server which are running Jetpack 
jp_cost 5000 – Cost of a Jetpack
jp_speed 32 – Sets the rocket speed
jp_rocket_delay 2.0 – How long you got to wait to shoot the next rocket
jp_rocket_speed 600 – The speed of a Jetpack Rocket
jp_rocket_damage 200 – Damage of a Jetpack rocket (damage in the center of explosion)
jp_damage_radius 500 – The radius of a rocket explosion.
jp_admin_only 0 – Self-Explanitory

============================================= ==
Tested on:
CS 1.6: Windows XP
CZ: Linux glibc 2.2 and 2.3

============================================= ==
Don’t remember what I (KleeneX) did in which Version so there isn’t a Changelog. x_x

============================================= ==
Any suggestions are welcome. 

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