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Hello all, I’ve recently started learning scripting for AMXX and i decided to start on this awesome Bazooka plugin by More.

I’ve taken his plugin and added some features i thought would be really cool.

Version 1.0
1. More CVARs for more customization
2. More realistic explosions
3. Added a much needed admin “give” command
4. Added help system (say “bazookahelp” and it shows the html help file)

Version 1.1
5. added gib deaths from mike_cao’s gore plugin, can be turned on/off with “amx_bazooka_gib [1|0]”
6. made the text messages a little more fun 

Version 1.1b
7. Fixed disappearance problem caused by gore coding

Version 1.2
9. added more sounds
10. changed “buy_weapon” command to “buybazooka”
11. you can now destroy breakable entities when you hit them without deleting them from the map

Version 1.3
12. completely revamped the mode selection code, now allows use of flags to restrict certain modes via amx_bazooka restrict
13. added Bazooka Arena start and end commands
14. added mode status next to ammunition status
15. fixed minor glitch where commands with perameters didn’t display help info
16. removed some precache items to help with memory


/* AMX Mod X script

:: Bazooka ::

There is only ONE known bug:
If you are user-guiding a rocket and the round ends before that rocket blows up,
you will NOT be able to fire again unless you restart the plugin.


amx_bazooka | spawn a bazooka in front of you (works in spectator mode too, admin only)

amx_bazooka_give <@all or name/id> <amount> | give someone a bazooka (admin only)

amx_bazooka_startround <mode restrictions> <round restart 1|0> | start the bazooka arena (admin only)

amx_bazooka_endarena <set ammo> | specify new ammo for everyonea nd end bazooka arena (set to -1 to leave everyone’s ammo alone, admin only)

Say buybazooka in chat to open a buy menu. (everyone)

Say bazookahelp in chat to open the help file. (everyone)


amx_bazooka_dropping :: can a player drop his bazooka?? (default: 1)

amx_bazooka_ammo :: how much ammo has the bazooka?? (default: 3)

amx_bazooka_arena :: If set to 1 every player will recieve a bazooka with unlimited ammo
at the start of the next round. While this mode is activated it requires
a direct hit to kill someone. It is also advisable to restrict the other modes.

amx_bazooka_cost :: how much does the bazooka cost to buy it?? (default: 8000)

amx_bazooka_buyable :: is it possible to buy the bazooka?? (default: 1)

amx_bazooka_damageradius :: How big is the damage radius (default: 250)

amx_bazooka_maxdamage :: when you are in the center, how much HP do you loose?? (default: 150)

amx_bazooka_restrict :: resrict certain modes: a = Normal, b = Heat-Seeking, c = User-Guided

amx_bazooka_reloadtime :: how much time (in seconds) it takes to reload the bazooka (default: 2.5)

amx_bazooka_trailtime :: How long the bazooka trails stay in the air (best at 30)

amx_bazooka_velocity :: This only affects how fast the heat-seeking and normal rockets go (best at 700)

amx_bazooka_teamcolors :: set to 1 to use team colors (CT = blue, T = red) or set to anything else to have random colors

amx_bazooka_gib :: set to 1 to cause gib explosion if the damage is > 100 and also enough to kill the person

Special thanks to:

-=STN=- MaGe
pimp daddy
More for making the original bazooka plugin
mike_cao for his awesome gore plugin

1. From what i’ve tested on my server people seem to like team colors better than random colors.
2. I’ve bound some keys to bazooka arena like so:
bind “PGDN” “amx_bazooka_arena 0;amx_bazooka_maxdamage 150;amx_bazooka_damageradius 250;amx_bazooka_restrict 1;sv_gravity 800;amx_say Bazooka Arena OFF”
bind “PGUP” “amx_bazooka_arena 1;amx_bazooka_maxdamage 999999;amx_bazooka_damageradius 40;amx_bazooka_restrict 1;sv_gravity 150;amx_bazooka_give @all 1;amx_say Bazooka Arena ON;amx_say say ‘bazookahelp’ for more information on Bazookas”
3. When you have Bazooka arena enabled it’s fun to change the reload times.
Skill mode: reloadtime is 2.5
Rapid Fire mode: reloadtime is 0
This has gotten good feedback on my test server.
4. people are intrigued by a bazooka in CS 1.6, advertise this in your server name.

The zip file contains:
bazooka_help.htm Needed for Plugin Needed for compiling
nuke_fly.wav Needed for Plugin

All of them are in the proper folders, just unzip to your cstrike directory.
The Help file can be altered to your liking 

There is one major bug:
If you are user-guiding a rocket and the round ends before that rocket blows up, you will NOT be able to fire again unless you restart the plugin.

Sorry the pictures have been lost due to an accidental deletion of my images folder 

Hope you all enjoy it!

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