Counter-Strike 1.9 HD – NO UCP

Counter-Strike 1.9 HD – NO UCP

Counter-Strike 1.9 HD



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I finished making counter strike version 1.9 , this game is HD
Before I start, tell me your opinion about the game after the experiment

1.6 copy of the game was modified on some maps to become HD with weapons to become HD, as well as new voices weapons forms with HD and new forms of prisoners until we got a copy and have become ‘1.9

manufacturing :

This game made by me and belong to a F.B.I team
date of issue : 16/10/2016
version : 1.9

test :

Has experience of several players before the result is excellent for this version and there is no problems

It works on all types of windows
this version have fps more than any version (The words of some players)

Note very important:
Version 1.9 of the exclusive team F.B.I and anything taken from them, either maps or weapons,sounds, or other and belong to other copies nottrue, but this version is the correct, thank you

This Version have :

New Skins

New Models


New Menu


Creat By : yaseensalem

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    Sofian 8 years

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice game <<<<<<<<<<<3

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    ROta Selena 8 years

    beautiful game

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    Fox 8 years

    i wil try to download now

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    Patriotii 8 years

    A ban me lu ne serverin e LS <3 me 1.9 CS

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    spo di qysh me instalu

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    pse se shkarkoj dot

  • comment-avatar

    pse se shkarkoj dot

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    qoma ti link

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    pls qoma linkin

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