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A small plugin which prevents the last round from being cut-off because the map-time ran out.

When there is only enough time for one more round, a message saying The final round is coming up is displayed.

At the start of the final round, the message This is the final round is displayed so players dont miss spending all their money.

Finally when the last round is over no players are allowed to move, and all their weapons are dropped to prevent spawn killings. The message Thank you for playing. Now switching to <nextmap> is displayed (<nextmap> replaced by the actual map coming next
Since this plugin changes the time a map is played to give room for late bombplantings etc, the amx_timeleft function will not be accurate (minor issue).


RESULT_REF = Result refused
RESULT_ACC = Result accepted
VOTE_SUCCESS = Voting successful. Map will be changed to
VOTE_FAILED = Voting failed
THE_WINNER = The winner
WANT_CONT = Do you want to continue?
VOT_CANC = Voting has been canceled
X_VOTED_FOR = %s voted for option #%d
VOTEMAP_MENU = Votemap Menu
START_VOT = Start Voting
SEL_MAPS = Selected Maps
ALREADY_VOT = There is already one voting…
NO_MAPS_MENU = There are no maps in menu
VOT_NOW_ALLOW = Voting not allowed at this time
WHICH_MAP = Which map do you want?
CHANGE_MAP_TO = Change map to
CANC_VOTE = Cancel Vote
ADMIN_V_MAP_1 = ADMIN: vote map(s)
ADMIN_V_MAP_2 = ADMIN %s: vote map(s)
ADMIN_CHANGEL_1 = ADMIN: changelevel %s
ADMIN_CHANGEL_2 = ADMIN %s: changelevel %s
CHANGLE_MENU = Changelevel Menu

RESULT_REF = Ergebnis abgelehnt
RESULT_ACC = Ergebnis angenommen
VOTE_SUCCESS = Abstimmung beendet. Map wird gewechselt zu
VOTE_FAILED = Abstimmung gescheitert
THE_WINNER = Der Gewinner
WANT_CONT = Willst du fortfahren?
VOT_CANC = Abstimmung abgebrochen
X_VOTED_FOR = %s stimmten fuer Option #%d
VOTEMAP_MENU = Menu > Mapwahl
START_VOT = Start Abstimmung
SEL_MAPS = Ausgewaehlte Maps
ALREADY_VOT = Es laeuft bereits eine Abstimmung…
NO_MAPS_MENU = Es sind keine Maps im Menu vorhanden
VOT_NOW_ALLOW = Abstimmung zur Zeit nicht moeglich
WHICH_MAP = Welche Map moechtest du?
CHANGE_MAP_TO = Wechsle zu Map
CANC_VOTE = Abstimmung abgebrochen
ADMIN_V_MAP_1 = ADMIN: waehlt Map(s)
ADMIN_V_MAP_2 = ADMIN %s: waehlt Map(s)
ADMIN_CHANGEL_1 = ADMIN: wechselt zur Map %s
ADMIN_CHANGEL_2 = ADMIN %s: wechselt zur Map %s
CHANGLE_MENU = Menu > Mapwechsel

RESULT_REF = Rezultat odbijen
RESULT_ACC = Rezultat prihvacen
VOTE_SUCCESS = Glasanje uspesno. Sledeca mapa ce biti
VOTE_FAILED = Glasanje neuspesno
THE_WINNER = Pobednik
WANT_CONT = Da li zelite da nastavite?
VOT_CANC = Glasanje je otkazano
X_VOTED_FOR = %s je glasao za #%d
VOTEMAP_MENU = Meni za glasanje mapa
START_VOT = Pokreni Glasanje
SEL_MAPS = Izabrane Mape
ALREADY_VOT = Vec je jedno glasanje je u toku…
NO_MAPS_MENU = Nema mapa u meniju
VOT_NOW_ALLOW = Glasanje trenutno nije dozvoljeno
WHICH_MAP = Koju mapu zelite?
CHANGE_MAP_TO = Promeni mapu u
CANC_VOTE = Otkazi glasanje
ADMIN_V_MAP_1 = ADMIN: glasanje za mapu(e)
ADMIN_V_MAP_2 = ADMIN %s: glasanje za mapu(e)
ADMIN_CHANGEL_1 = ADMIN: changelevel %s
ADMIN_CHANGEL_2 = ADMIN %s: changelevel %s
CHANGLE_MENU = Meni za menjanje mape

RESULT_REF = Sonuc red edilmistir
RESULT_ACC = Sonuc kabul edilmistir
VOTE_SUCCESS = Oylama sonucu kabul. Bu map’e degisiyor
VOTE_FAILED = Oylama hatali
THE_WINNER = Kazanan
WANT_CONT = Devam etmek istiyormusunuz?
VOT_CANC = Oylama durdurulmusdur
X_VOTED_FOR = %s oyladigi #%d
VOTEMAP_MENU = Map oylama menusu
START_VOT = Oylamayi baslat
SEL_MAPS = Secilen maplar
ALREADY_VOT = Zaten su an oylama suruyor…
NO_MAPS_MENU = Menude map yokdur
VOT_NOW_ALLOW = Su an oylama yapamiyorsunuz
WHICH_MAP = Hangi map’i secmek istiyorsunuz?
CHANGE_MAP_TO = Map’i buna degisdir
CANC_VOTE = Oylamayi durdur
ADMIN_V_MAP_1 = ADMIN: Map(lar) oylamasi
ADMIN_V_MAP_2 = ADMIN %s: Map(lar) oylamasi
ADMIN_CHANGEL_1 = ADMIN: %s buna degisdirdi
ADMIN_CHANGEL_2 = ADMIN %s: %s buna degisdirdi
CHANGLE_MENU = Bolum degisdirme menusu

RESULT_REF = Resultat refuse
RESULT_ACC = Resultat accepte
VOTE_SUCCESS = Vote reussi. La carte va etre changee pour
VOTE_FAILED = Vote rate
THE_WINNER = Le gagnant
WANT_CONT = Veux-tu continuer?
VOT_CANC = Le vote a ete annule
X_VOTED_FOR = %s a vote pour l’option #%d
VOTEMAP_MENU = Menu Vote Carte
START_VOT = Commencer le vote
SEL_MAPS = Cartes selectionnees
ALREADY_VOT = Il y a deja un vote en cours…
NO_MAPS_MENU = Il n’y a pas de cartes dans le menu
VOT_NOW_ALLOW = Voter n’est pas autorise maintenant…
WHICH_MAP = Choisis la/les carte(s)?
CHANGE_MAP_TO = Changer la carte pour
CANC_VOTE = Annuler Vote
ADMIN_V_MAP_1 = ADMIN: vote carte(s)
ADMIN_V_MAP_2 = ADMIN %s: vote carte(s)
ADMIN_CHANGEL_1 = ADMIN: change la carte pour %s
ADMIN_CHANGEL_2 = ADMIN %s: change la carte pour %s
CHANGLE_MENU = Menu Changement de Carte

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