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When an admin who has flag “d” (ADMIN_BAN) is dead, it allows him to spectate the players of the other team no matter “mp_forcechasecam” is set.
no cvars and commands.
for cs only

Damaged Soul – message logging
SubStream, VEN – suggestions
Vm|Mayhem, lantz69 – test

completely rewrote. (new method, solved the bugs coming with the old generation)

To Win32 Users:
Please use this


I was just thinking the other day…

“Man I need to write a plugin for myself that lets me freelook and nobody else.. hmmm.. how can I do that?”

Well this is awesome. GJ on the message_begin and all that to make it look like the person is still on the team they were on. I’ll go test this right now and repost how it’s working. Nice work.


Okay I just tested this and I found a few things you could add to make it even better/more compatible/etc.


#1: When a terrorist dies he immediately gets a CT skin because he is going into spectate and players noticed this immediately. This caused confusion as well as tipped off players that I could spectate. In addition, it made it hard for Terrorists to know where teammates had died.

Suggested fix: Maybe a set_task delay of 2 seconds or something similar to delay the team change upon death so that it’s not directly hooked to the death–resulting in a skin change upon death.

#2: Let’s say I die, and now I really DO want to be in spectate. I switch to spectate and the next round I’m respawned on my previous team. I wanted to be in spectate to go to the bathroom and when I got back, I was being killed because I was alive still.

Suggested fix: Perhaps add a command like say /brb (similar to cheap_suits plugin) that grabs the players team as a spectator, sends the admin to spectate, does a message_begin/etc. with the team set as spectator, and prevents the person from being spawned on a team the next round.

If you could add those features, that’d be great.

1. Your team restoring method doesn’t take care of manual team changes.

2. I recommend to hook ClCorpse message/event. set_task would be needed if there wasn’t such accurate way.

3. I recommend to hook the new round instead of a round end (see the “Code Snippets/Tutorials” section for details). Then you obviously will not need #Game_will_restart_in hook.

4. If yo skip bots in the second case, you obviously have to check for them in the first case as well. Bot potentially may recieve the corresponding access level.

thanks for the feedback and suggestion and sorry for the delay, i’ve been busy these two days.
1. maual team changes check added
2. add a delay after death, but still not good. all models turn to urban when being a spec.
3. some servers don’t have the HLTV event. i don’t know why. it says invalid event when server init.
4. ingore bot totally.

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