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I’ve always wanted to have my admins change the nextmap easily, without using the amx_nextmap cvar with rcon, because I want all admins to be able to change the nextmap directly via a simple command, like amx_next.
Actually what I have done is taken a part of the code of cmdMap (from admincmd plugin I guess, modified my commands plugin entirely long time ago). So basicaly it’s a small modification to he nextmap.amxx plugin that can help admins set the nextmap without having to use rcon

also added a line in the dictionary nextmap.txt, to show when an admin changes the nextmap

hope you like it… for me and my folks it’s very useful

also added the sole source of the command, as fysiks requested: amx_next.sma and amx_next.txt as it’s dictionary
to add ML’s to the dictionary just reply, I’ll do it for you and reupload, or you can do it yourself, by modifying the txt file as needed.

As far as i know amx_nextmap don’t need rcon flag… Also, you can change the flag of the command using some plugins that has been made it in the forum.

And yea, like exist some plugins to do that… for example galileo (if i am not wrong) and others.

thanks, but I’m not fond of the idea of having many plugins, or creating a plugin for a simple command as this one, and if someone has modified the nextmap plugin, he cand do it again, it’s a small mod that I’ve done

chris I don’t think it would have been useful thinking that changing to the nextmap can be done via timelimit or amx_map

well the idea is the same… the code is similar so his post is the best on the topic in my opinion, judging by the fact that it works… basically it’s a command that sets the cvar amx_nextmap instead of setting the map to change.

But if this plugins do the same thing, and both plugins work… i don’t know why this will be approved… for some reason the other plugin is unnaproved. But i don’t know, maybe this plugin is better coded.

because the other was based on a linux network map.

This one basically removes the usage of the “amx_cvar amx_nextmap” and helps shorten and easy access to server owners who don’t want their members having access to cvar flags.

it won’t be… but at least the other one if it works perfectly should have been… it’s good to be able to set the nextmap via direct command no cvar or rcon needed, because some want admins to manage in every possible way maps but not have cvar or rcon access.

You welcome I guess.. This has made a big difference in my server and helped player’s both increase in server slots and admin purchases.

so approved or not I’m happy to have posted it now, because I’ve received so much from this community and tried to give something back… knowing it helped you and probably those that wanted to add languages to the dictionary is a good sign

for some reason simple solutions don’t seen to be appreciated around here very often… approved or not it’s ok

Can you make this:
when a admin log in server, he do not remember maps.ini, so simple he type in console:
will display menu maps (in maps.ini of server) for choose.
I like this plugin!

meigyoku great idea! thanks!

I’ll try to make a new command amx_nextmenu … to be honest I thought of that, but got lazy. I’ll see what I can do

p.s. don’t feel bad for your English … it’s normal to have flaws if not an you are not english, american or from other countries … the message has been understood that’s the most important thing.

only flag d (ADMIN_BAN), as default

I’ll work on the menu and a votenext command soon just need the time

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