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Redirektimi Shqip

Redirektimi Shqip


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UPDATED (7-16-09) Works with Steam update

So what’s the difference
1) This redirect plugin is designed solely for those server ops who are changing to a new server IP.
2) It will redirect ALL players to your new server while displaying the new info in the startup MOTD.
3) The MOTD will trap the player on the MOTD screen, continuing to display it, until the redirect occurs.
4) The new server info will be placed in the client’s console for reference.
5) The plugin contains a backdoor that will allow an admin with Immunity, AND who’s name is noredirect, to enter the server.

Note: The MOTD stay code is based on ‘MOTD Repeater/Holder’ by Ven.

The plugin will autofail if
No motd.txt file is found
The redirect_ip CVar is blank
The redirect_enable CVar is 0

CVars (Place in server.cfg or amxx.cfg file)
redirect_enable – Plugin enable/disable – Required (Default = 0 <disabled>)
redirect_ip – Destination server IP – Required (Default = “”)
redirect_port – Destination server port – Required if other than the default (Default = 27015)
redirect_delay – Delay time (seconds) until redirect – Optional (Default = 10)

A sample motd.txt file is provided below. The resulting screen from the sample is shown in the thumbnail pic.

This plugin has only been tested on a Windows server with DOD 1.3 and CS 1.6

Version History:
1.7 – Fixed issue of not redirecting after another Steam update.
1.6 – Fixed issue of not redirecting after Steam update.
1.5 – Original release

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