Roundi Fundit

Roundi Fundit

Roundi Fundit (last round)




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This plugin allows the last round to be finished even if the timelimit has expired


When a two-player game is started, both boxers allocate their points and fight against each other. The winner stays, while the loser may get a rematch by inserting another coin. During a normal game, a second player can buy-in and challenge at any time (except during “training sessions”).

The player uses the joystick to move around the ring, as well as three buttons: face punch, body punch, and block punch. During a bout, the block punch button protects the player’s fighter from enemy attacks and switches the character’s guard between face and body each time it’s pressed. The two punch buttons may be used alternately to pull out combinations or a special, more powerful “Super Punch”.[5]

If the player is knocked down, they must shake the joystick and press the buttons repeatedly to refill a bar and get back to their feet. Failing to do so will result in a Knockout loss. If any fighter is knocked down three times in a round, a TKO (Technical Knockout) will occur. These are highlighted with a special animation of the defeated boxer crumbling to the canvas. If all three rounds are fought, the judges decide the winner by decision. Each opponent has his own, unique fighting style with strengths and weaknesses.

Every two bouts, players are given the choice of entering a “training session” to earn more skill points or skip these sessions entirely. The “Speed” session consists of punching green dummies appearing from eight different positions. The “Power” session consists of punching small volleyballs tossed from both left and right, high and low. The “Stamina” session consists of jumping a spinning rod of increasing speed.

When the player defeats the World Champion, a special winning animation will play with a congratulatory message. The credits roll, and the game ends. The total fight time and final score are displayed on screen. Depending on the player’s total time at the end of the game, the winning animation and message change, effectively serving as multiple endings

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