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Bomb Status 1.7
Release: 01.06.2014 | Last Update: 01.07.2016


Shows a hud message with the following information about the bomb. It also has
a configuration file: bombstatus_configuration.ini
Read below to understand how to use them.

It’s able to show this info:

  • Bomb Planted : Yes/No
  • BombSite : A/B/No
  • Status : Dropped/Carried/Bombed/Planting
  • Carrier/Planter : Name/ No ( if the bomb was planted will show Planter: Name )
  • Distance To Bomb: Distance
  • Explosion in: Time
  • Defuse: DefuseKit/Default

I think that it’s need a better explanation:

  • BombPlanted: if the bomb is planted, it will show Yes, otherwise it will show NO.
  • BombSites: if the bomb is not planted will show No, otherwise it will show A / B.
  • Status: will show Dropped if the bomb is on the ground, Carried if a player has the bomb, Planting if the bomb is in planting process, Bombed if bomb exploded.
  • Carrier: if the bomb is not on the ground will show the name of the player who has it, otherwise will show No. In the case which the bomb is planted , will shows the name of player who planted it.
  • Distance To Bomb: if planted will display the distance, else it won’t be displayed
  • Explosion in: if planted will display display this new info with the time until explosion. If bomb exploded, it won’t display it any longer.
  • Defuse: if the player that defuse the bomb has a defuse kit it will show DefuseKit, else will show defult. When defuse proces stop,this info will dissapear.

This will also provide a command to control hud, in case it produce lag for you or sth like this.

  • Turn hud on.
  • Turn hud off.

Because some maps have reversed* bomb sites you may need to add this map in bombstatus_configuration.ini, under the [SWAPPED MAPS] key, if not plugin won’t work correctly or use the menu so you can configure directly in game.
Also, if you find bugs please reply here with this info: plugin version, map name, problem description and others plugin that use hud messages or interact with the bomb.


Please make sure you have all the requirements:

  • Okapi module.
  • Cvar Util module.
  • An updated server without dproto.
    It may work into your outdated server with dproto, but if it doesn’t, I won’t help you.


To install the plugin:

  1. Download the resources from this post. You need to get the source and compile it locally.
  2. Put bomb_status.amxx in addons/amxmodx/plugins
  3. Open addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini and add at the end of this file bomb_status.amxx
  4. You can put the sma file into addons/amxmodx/sources but this is not mandatory.
  5. Put bombstatus.txt into [tt]addons/amxmodx/data/lang[/tt
  6. Restart the server/change map.

To install okapi:

  1. Download and extrat the arhive.
  2. Copy okapi_amxx.dll/ depending on your operation system into addons/amxmodx/modules
  3. The module will be auto-loaded, you don’t need to add it into modules.ini

To install Cvar Util:

  1. Download and extrat the arhive.
  2. Copy cvar_util_amxx.dll/ depending on your operation system into addons/amxmodx/modules
  3. The module will be auto-loaded, you don’t need to add it into modules.ini

To compile locally:

  • First way:
    1. Download AMX Mod X for windows/linux from main site
    2. Extract somewhere the arhive and remember the folder!
    3. Copy the content from include folder from the okapi arhive into addons/amxmodx/scripting/include( in the folder created in the step 2 ).
    4. Download the source of the plugin( bomb_status.sma) from this post and drag it over the compile.exe(scripting folder from the arhive created at step 2)
    5. It will create a new folder called compiled. Open it and you will find your compiled plugin( bomb_status.amxx )
  • Second way:
    1. Go to
    2. Copy/paste the code from the .sma file into the website.
    3. Under the big blue Compile button you see a box which Drop .inc files here
    4. Then press Compile and Download

If you don’t know/want to compile locally, download the attached AMXX file(not the one from Get Plugin link).


I’ve added the fallowing command:

  • say /ch_hud_state: Turn hudmessage on/off with say
  • say_team /ch_hud_state: Turn hudmessage on/off with say_team
  • bombstatus_cfgmenu: Open configuration menu so you won’t need to edit the cfg file manually.

Write it once and it will disable the hud, write it after the spam protection(see below) and it will turn it on again.

A spam protection exists and it can be controled by cvar.

Cvars top

This cvars allow you to turn on/off most of the features and to control the way in which the plugin works.

  • bomb_status_team:
    • Control which team see the hud.
    • 0 – everyone can see it | 1 – only t | 2 – only ct
  • hud_r_color | hud_g_color | hud_b_color:
    • Allow you to change default hud color
    • Default: r – 0 | g – 255 | b – 85
    • Colors are in rgb format ( use paint to select a new one if you don’t know them )
  • bomb_status_commands:
    • Allow you to enable/disable hud commands.
    • 0 – disabled | 1 – enable
  • bomb_status_c_spamtime:
    • Change the delay for the commands(the spam protection)
    • Default: 10 – this mean that the player needs to wait 10 seconds to use the command again.
  • bomb_status_logs:
    • Allow you to disable/enable logs.
    • At certain times, plugin will write some messages into server console, to let you know what happen.
    • 0 – disable | 1 – enable
  • bomb_status_disable_tp:
    • Allow to restrict teleportation after bomb was planted
    • Admin may abuse and teleport directly in order to defuse
    • 0 – disable | 1 – enable


1.Adding a map as swapped:
You have two ways of adding a map as swapped, but firstly let’s find out what a swapped map is. Some maps have reversed bombsite so it means that instead of A it will show B and instead of B will be A.

1.1 Add the map into the file:

  • Go to addons/amxmodx/configs/bombstatus_configuration.ini
  • Under the [SWAPPED MAPS] key add your map name as it is in your maps dir.
  • Change map to apply the changes.

1.2 Using the configuration menu

  • While in game write bombstatus_cfgmenu
  • If the map is detected as swapped you will have the option to make it Normal. If it’s detected as normal you will have an option to make it Swapped
  • Under menu title you will have current map status.
  • Use Teleport menu to go in A/B as they are detected by the plugin so you can check if the current config si correct. If not, reverse options.

2.Adding a map as blocked:
Open addons/amxmodx/configs/bombstatus_configuration.ini and under BLOCKED MAPS section add your map name and change the map to apply changes.

To acces the menu you need ban acces(flag “d”) but it can be changed:

PHP Code:
const AdminAcces = ADMIN_BAN


  • BackStabNoob: some optimizations
  • Arkshine: a lot of valuable advices
  • Hornet: some optimizations
  • EthicalHacker007: suggestions and helped me testing this plugin


  • V 0.1:
    • Initial release
  • V 0.2:
    • Add two versions: dhud / HUD classic. 
      Fix bug when name was displayed incorrectly.
  • V 0.3:
    • Add cvar bomb_status_team (which them see the hud)
    • Optimization for detecting the distance to the bomb site.]
  • V 0.4:
    • Now there is only one version with HUD and dhud.
    • Adding cvar bomb_hud_type
    • Arrange the code
    • Added swapped_maps.ini file
  • V 0.5:
    • Lowered the hold time for hud messages
    • Now HudSyncObjects are cached
    • Added is_user_connected check in GetName function
  • V 0.6:
    • Renamed almost all variables.
    • Now the plugin will be paused if we aren’t running a map with bomb sites.
    • Removed some useless blocks of code.
    • Solved some problems with arrays.
    • Added a global task.
    • Fixed some problems in formatex.
    • Lowered the hold time for hud.
    • Removed an useless var in GetName stock.
    • Fixed a bug when bomb status is displayed incorrectly.
  • V 0.7:
    • Removed dhudmessages, now only normal hud messages are used.
    • Remove hud type cvar.
    • Optimized show hud function
  • V 0.8:
    • Added posibility to change hud color by cvar.
    • Added /hudon & /hudoff for turning hud on/off.
    • Added a spam protection for commands.
    • Added a new swapped map: de_train.
    • Added a new file where you can write on which map plugin should not run.
    • Moved all files in Bomb Status folder.
    • Added a cvar to enable/ disable commands
    • Added logs.
    • Added a cvar to control logs ( default 0 ).
    • Optimized a bit ShowHud function.
  • V 0.9:
    • Fixed a bug when a new round start.
    • Fixed a bug when you kill yourself.
    • Added a new bomb status: Bombed
    • Fixed a bug with sv_restart 1
    • Added a new status: Planting
    • Added a new hud info : Explosion in.
  • V 1.0:
    • Fixed a bug with planting status.
    • Changed hud position.
    • Some informations are displayed only when needed.
    • Removed useless checks.
    • Added a new info : Defuse : DefuseKit/ Default
    • Fixed a typo: Distante instead of Distance
  • V 1.1:
    • Renamed some variables
    • Added some comments
    • Fixed a possible bug in the very first round
    • Now using bitsum for booleans with 33 cells
    • Arranged the code
  • V 1.2:
    • Added all Hornet’s improvements.
    • When players num is 0,hud is canceled.
  • V 1.3:
    • A lot of changes in terms of code
    • Merged the two configuration file into one.
    • Fixed some potential bugs.
  • V 1.4:
    • Added configuration menu
    • Improved planting status detection.
  • V 1.6:
    • Fixed defusing status, not it’s working properly
    • Fixed a bug when time remaining untile explosion is not properly updated
    • Fixed a bug when, on some maps, teleport function will stuck you into the ground or into some boxes
    • Fixed a bug with removing line from file when tempfile path get wrong
    • Fixed a bug with adding lines to file when it leave a space after last line and the new added
    • Fixed registering twice Ham_WeaponIdle
    • Improved code readability
    • Fixed a wrong key in lang file
    • Added new translations into ml file
    • Now mp_c4timer is cached with CvarCache native
    • Removed treemap search
    • Teleport menu is now global
    • Teleport menu is not destroyed in plugin_end
    • Optimized FindBombSites function, now with 50% less native calls by doing some tricks
    • Fixed defusing status won’t ever show up into hud
    • Fixed defusing status doesn’t dissappear when defusion is canceled
    • Now using just a command to turn hud on/off, more convenient
    • Added check to see if c4 is valid in AddPlayerItem
    • Fixed origin swapping, now it’s properly implemented
    • Fixed throwable c4 being detected as running even if not.
  • V 1.7:
    • Fixed a bug when planting status is not removed on GameCommencing event or NewRound
    • Fixed a bug with teleport function where on small bombsite it fails.
    • Fixed a bug with teleport function where, on some maps it teleport you above ground and you get fall damage
    • Fixed bugs with bombsite detection.
    • Added detection by infodecal entities which never fail. If no infodecals, it uses the standard method.
    • Added teleportation restrictions in freezetime and after bomb is planted(by cvar)
    • Fixed a bug when teleport function would transfer you to wrong bomb site.
    • Code cleaned and improved.
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