3. Raphael ‘Cogu’ Camargo (Brazil)

3. Raphael ‘Cogu’ Camargo (Brazil)

Cogu’s career lacks only two things: a more sustainable and fnx more big wins. Cogu as an individual player is one of the best examples, along with solo and MSX, the elite tier player that can do it all. He is most famous for his AWPing still go and look at his gun game and you will see Colt work that can make a face or Edward weep. This was a very special player, from a place that seemed destined to never record a big win. His talent was such that in their prime that he could put them on an ongoing basis in the semi-finals and final major.

Weaknesses cogu’s career is that he only had the right line-ups once or twice in a space of six or seven years. The second was the star fnx he needed to anchor his team with firepower, and the behavior of that player was a chaotic and across the country, as new rifler style ribs luajnë.Disa cogu times have made the right time, he really got to showcase itself as the largest AWPer history, other times he was stuck as MSX, struggle to stay relevant with the inferior team mates.

cogu was a flaw in his game, one that develops as the years passed, which he eventually identified some of the problems in his teams and become more selfish, thinking that he had to do all himself to win the game. He was right, in a sense, but it lead to a style of his teams to aim opponents knew they just had to shut cogu down, hardly an easy task, as the best formula possible win the game. Even the big players have their drawbacks.


Major Event(s) Won –
AINC GameAthon 2008 – Benor Gazr Destiny Yaman Steel
WCG.AU 2008 – Benor Gazr Destiny Yaman Steel
Kode5.AU 2009 – Benor Gazr Destiny Ferg Kram

International Events Attended
WCG.Germany – 8th/9th


I have always said ill choose expirence over skill , but obviously that didn’t mean much to the team immunity players in 08. Gazr and Benor quickly started to crawl up the community ladder really quick by joining high profile clans within Australia like immunity with coke , edision and jac whom went on to win gameathon with the two new rising stars . Soon a new immunity lineup was announced nothing like the lineup we saw winning ESWC 2007 in Perth but instead a very young and skillful team who weren’t exactly the most feared team there. The team proved to everybody in the community with a little be of dedication and practice a team can be made from the ground up and be a dominate team in the Australian community . immunity went on to win WCG.AU 2008 against a strong encore team and were given tickets to Germany to compete against the worlds best with all of them bar Yaman being their first time . Destiny and the team had some problems and saw him replaced for an experience international player Ferg from Perth who at that time was a bit inactive but was given a chance to keen up for Germany , but with this mix of experience , young blood , dedication and a boot camp in Sweden saw the team become extremely well bonded in a short period of time. The team went on to give one of Australia’s best results for Counter-strike 1.6 coming 2nd in there group just losing to the Norway team on nuke , The team got out of groups and faced Game play in single eliminations taking out the first and losing the last two games . The result obviously gave hope that Australians teams can match it against some of the worlds best and maybe with a few more trips with this lineup could see an even better result . Shortly after the team had some roster changes which was unexpected with the great result they achieved over seas , but the team was still confident with the pick up of their old team mate destiny and the old iM veteran Kram . The team had a much harder fight at kode5.au struggling against most teams in the best of 3 single elimination with all games going 2-1 to Immunity but the experience paid off for the team and they never backed down even with a 13-9 scoreline against them in the finals to bring it back and win 16-14 over Encore once again . The last map was a easy victory for the team and saw them once against travel overseas to not make any impact unlike the last trip.

Major Event(s) Won –
Pes.Nationals 2006 – Coke Jac Kram Sokjin edison
ESWC.AU 2006 – Coke Jac Kram Sokjin edison

International Events Attend
ESWC.Paris 2006 – Didn’t not make out of groups

Bio – This team shot out of the blocks with a lineup unheard of from Melbourne , The team started out as team v300 who were seen coming to events like pes.nationals as the dark horse team that gave any team a run for their money . The v300 squad was picked up by immunity after having a 2nd place finishing to f-zer0 at a pes.nationals in 2005 , The team had a lineup changed and recruit Singaporean player jac and Australian local player kram to their lineup . The team went to win the following pes.nationals against team Style in the grand final which then sparked a team that would become extremely strong in the scene. They then went on to becoming the Australia’s best team by easily winning ESWC.AU in Perth but were put up against some strong teams in the global finals . The team didn’t make much of an impact internationally but were very fear in there own country , The team went on to win everything they played with ease for a year until they had to replace certain players in their lineup for the WCG Rule set and were never as strong.

Teams that were up there

nK – Lineup – Kon , Boomser , battlelord , Denz , Force
Known for being able to challenge f-zer0 in their own state but when it came to nationals their best result was a 3rd placing

YGS Lineup – Diggity , Wsted , Mte , Jaydon , Rase
The team won ihs 2005 against team f-ze0 which gave them their first lost in along time , every one expected big things from them but with lineup changes and an influx of new lineups being made in this time the team went on to finish 3rd at ESWC

Sublime/Progamer Lineup – Apoc Boomser Tegs ShuanR Midway
The team with allot of sponsorship backing (same sponsor as f-zer0) they were able to finish 2nd to f-zer0 at eswc 2005 and were sent to CPL World Tour stop in Singapore but made no impact in the international scene nor the Australian scene since ESWC

Style Lineup – Davio , Kurandus , Boomser , Snake , Messi
The team EG.Style merged with f-zer0 disbanded lineup and were immediately sent to WCG.Pan Asia Championship where they went undefeated to the grand final against wNv losing 16-12 . The team was spoken highly of and was expected to win WCG.AU 2006 with ease but were stepped out of the competition in the finals against nR , The team ceased straight after

v300 Lineup – kram c0ke dchoi 592 and sokjin
The team finished 2nd at Pes.Nationals and then was picked up by the organization team Immunity who then went to win the next Pes.nats . The team then went on to have two players replaced and was seen as being one of the strongest teams Australia had seen in along time .

XR Lineup – (dont have the infomation)
The team won CA.leet Competition against f-zer0 in 2004 . Coupled with YGS it was their only loses in Australia for along time.The team also went to place 2nd at Acon5 but were unable to play the grand final against f-zer0 due to citizenship rules giving f-zer0 a free uncontested matchup for a overseas trip.

What we can see –

* F-zer0 Were the most dominate team in Australia for the longest period of time
* All teams that won two nationals in a row had at least three players from the last event won
* Somus , Boomser , Messi , Apoc were in serval grand finals at Australian nationals but with the sheer dedication and never give up attitude they were able to find a title by sticking with it
* Lineup changes are imminent , the longest lasting winning lineup was 4 players for 2 years which was f-zer0 .
* Giving rookies a chance can work out big , Players like Destiny , Soren , Pupajon , Benor , Gazr , Skz were all players that weren’t highly thought after players till their team won nationals and have all been multi title winners
* The dark horses can win , 23 would probably be the only team that wasn’t predicted to come top4 and were able to win nationals and represent Australia
* International players help ! , Daiblo , Deathsbane , jac and Ferg ,were all players from overseas teams that helped there team win nationals
* Every Successful team bar F-zer0 have changed their rosters after an Australian Nationals and could be a reason to why f-zer0 were the best for the longest time period

I hope you all enjoyed the Article it was one that myself (Boomser) Held onto for a very long time and never posted. A lot of information and rewriting was done by Dippa who helped with the article for posting ages ago.

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