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Autoresponder/Advertiser Version 0.5


This plugin is usefull to every server:

* Display messages on random times WITH COLOR
* React on people saying things, for example,

FILLFLFwhen somone says ‘cheat’, the server reacts with ‘To report a cheater, use teamspeak and begin your message with an @’

These two functions are controlled in a simple textfile in your configs directory.

An advertisement will display itself every 60 to 80 seconds (this is random)
This number is defined, and can be changed with constants

There is a new feature in 0.5: Conditions!
You can for example do, that a certain message will only display itself when the map is de_dust. Or when there are minimal 5 players in the server.


Normal Messages

If you want an advertisement that displays itselfs, just put the message on 1 line:

Originally Posted by Example


Messages with color

Colors are only available in CounterStrike because its limited to that game DLL!

You can also insert COLOR. !t for teamcolor, !g for green color, !n for normal (yellow) color:

Originally Posted by Example
!gOur !twebiste !gis!n:

Will give this result ingame:

Originally Posted by Result
Our webiste is:



The second functionality is to react on what people say.
This is also handled in the textfile, with the following syntax

Originally Posted by Example
@cheat~To report a cheater, use amx_chat in console

Just begin your a new line with a @, and it will understand that it is a say catch.
Devide the thing that the player has to say, and what the server has to answer, with a ~ (tilde -> shift+ key left of 1)

So in this example, when someone says cheat (cheater, cheats, cheatz), the server will react with the sentence after the ~ (tilde)

You can use COLOR here too!

Originally Posted by Example
@cheat~!gTo report a cheater, !nuse amx_chat in !tconsole

So when someone says “Z0MG Y00 CHEAT3RZ0RZ!!!11”
The server will react with:

Originally Posted by Server
To report a cheater, use amx_chat in console



Conditions are very usefull as they can make sure that certain messages are only displayed when the given conditions are met.
This too, is handled in the textfile.

The things you can control are now: (there will be more conditions later, please suggest them!)

  • Map
  • Minimum Players playing
  • Maximum Players playing

The syntax is simple, but strict.

For a normal message:

Originally Posted by Example
%map cs_assault%~Terrorists are !g NOT !nallowed to camp at the hostages!

And for the autoresponder:

%map cs_assault%~@camper~Terrorists are !g NOT !nallowed to camp at the hostages!

For minimum players:

Originally Posted by Example
%min_players 6%~There are 6 players in the server, so !gWeapons Arena!n is enabled!

For maximum players:

Originally Posted by Example
%max_players 5%~There are less then 6 players in the server, so !gWeapons Arena!n is disabled!

You can also do multiple conditions, like this:

Originally Posted by example
%map de_dust%min_players 6%~Map is dust, and there are 6 players or more, !tCSDM!n is enabled!

I think you can imagine that there are many uses for this function!

  1. Just let the plugin know you are using conditions by typing a % at the begin.
  2. Then the type of the condition; map, min_players or max_players.
  3. Then the value of the condition. I.E. de_dust for the map, or 6 for min_players.
  4. Exit the condition you are working on with a %. You can now return to step 2 to add a new condition, or end the condition list with a ~ (tilde)



ad_react_all – Controls if it should react to all when a keyword is said. Or only to the person who actually said it. (default 1)


You only need to make a advertisements.ini file in your configs directory. (addons/amxmodx/configs/advertisements.ini)
A sample file is included in the zip.

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