Auto Reload Admins

Auto Reload Admins

Auto Reload Admins

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Every rounds reloads Admins so you dont need to change map.
It can be useful if you have VIP System in server too.

What is this plugin? The function of this simple plugin to reload uje-admin / vipove / slots (players with flags) from users.ini at a specific time adjusted CVaR. I made it because head-admins generally prefer that the player has admin immediately after entering the panel. After the default CS system players with flags to reload-including AT THE BEGINNING folders so that they have to wait to change the map in order to have an admin. With this plugin, will reduce waiting only a few seconds. The plugin is very simple and works on the basis of server commands amx_reloadadmins at a specific time. It’s very small, but it can help new pawner as TUT also, and without this plugin, admins can knock the console amx_reloadadmins and will achieve the same objective but here are two reasons why this plugin better than that:

1. Some admins do not know the command amx_reloadadmins
Second Tiring them to constantly knocking the command


Plugin contains only one cvar (setup), and it is time to how much will be reloadovati admins. reload_time “10.0” type in amxx.cfg file (configs dir). Be sure to enter the float number 0



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