Advanced Bullet Damage

Advanced Bullet Damage

Advanced Bullet Damage  

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Remake of oryginal bullet damage plugin. This addon shows damage done by each bullet to attacker, and optionally shows damage received. Additionally, showing damage took via wall can be disabled, to eliminate wallhack syndrome.

Tested only in Counter Strike, but should work on other mods.


PHP Code:
amx_bulletdamage_recieved "1" // enable or disable showing recieved damage
amx_bulletdamage "1" // 0 - plugin disabled, 1 - show damage done, 2 - show damage done, but not via wall!




1.0 – First Relase
1.1 – Some mistakes

/* AMX Mod X script. 
* (c) Copyright 2002-2003, f117bomb 
* This file is provided as is (no warranties). 
*  *******************************************************************************
*	Ported By KingPin . I take no responsibility 
*	for this file in any way. Use at your own risk. No warranties of any kind. 
*  *******************************************************************************
* This shows the damage you do to people as you shoot via hud msg. 
* bullet_damage must be set to 1

#include <amxmodx>

Hey kingpin,I put the plugin on the server which fired up no prob.But doesn’t report the hits,I know its because I don’t have the sma file on the server thus,can’t use bullet_damage 1.where do I put the sma file?
not the sma, you have to put the amx(x) file only, and add the exact name f the file to your plugins.ini.
yup I did that,load the plugin and added it in plugins ini,amx plugins reports it as loaded,but there are no hit reports,so I thought it had something to do with bullet_damage.the doc says bullet_damage must be set to 1,well where do I set it to 1?do I have to create a line somewhere whats the deal?
mmm I dont plan to switch to anymore betas and am back to trusty ol .16 but am looking for some time when I can post some plugins that I have tested on my test server, maybe this I can test tomorow and then will try to post back..
i change the cvars to bullet_damage 1 and the plugins.ini i put in the right thing and there was no server.cfg i made one and added the bullet_damage 1 and it still doesnt work. it boots up and everything but doesnt work what am i sopposed to do plz help.

I had someone that wanted the fixed manip/jtp version but did not want it to show damage received. Figured someone else may want it also so here it is.

I made a define to choose if you want both damage done and received or only damage done to show. I also changed manip/jtp version to use connected instead of alive so that it will still show damage when you kill someone because it wouldn’t with the alive check.

define is set to show damage done and received by default, comment out for damage done only. Maybe cvars would have been better?
no, exactly how i put it above. no slashes no nothing, unless you dont want it to register. Like everything else in your amxx.cfg, just lines that contain the cvar and variable.
well when I downloaded the plugin and used on my server, it doesnt show red text and how much they damage you, it only shows blue texts for both T and CT how can I make it red and how much damage they does to yoU?

It’s trying to run code on something that is not a user. Reason you get “Invalid player id 173″… player, if it is a player should be between 1-32… The one in the main post is just not checking if it is a player or not.

maybe I should ask to take this over since kingpin is no longer around to support the plugins he posted and this is such a simple plugin I wouldn’t mind supporting it…

Hello, I am currently trying Vittu’s and it seems not to work. It works fine on my Dedicated Server. But I installed it onto my BloodServers server, And It just would not work. ( I am good at installing plugins, I have been doing it for years ) I double check to see if I did anything wrong. And everything seems fine except for the fact that it does not work. I don’t understand? Works fine on my DS. Help? Thanks.
This plugin works just fine, their is nothing wrong with it, or the Super, Obviously with how many people run them, its your install that doesnt work.

Do you have an old version of amxmodx?

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