Buff Weapons Glow

Buff Weapons Glow

Buff Weapons Glow





Download : Click Here


1. Un-zip the archive you have downloaded. This can be done by right clicking on the downloaded archive (.zip file). If the file ends in .rar you might need WinRAR to un-zip it.
1. Inside the un-zipped folder there should be a file named decals.wad.
1. Now copy the decals.wad file.
1. Find your cstrike folder and open it.
1. Paste the decals.wad in to the folder (cstrike). If you are asked to replace a file click “Yes.”

You have now installed your new blood decal or\and bullet holes.

NOTE Bullet holes and Blood decals are in the same file (decals.wad), so when you install a new blood decals or bullet holes both the bullet holes and blood decals you had before will be replaced.

NOTE Blood replacements come in two flavors, Blood Sprites and Blood Decals. Blood sprites is simply installed by putting blood.spr, blooddrop.spr and bloodspray.spr files you downloaded in the cstrike > sprites folder.

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