Camouflage Weapons

Camouflage Weapons

Camouflage Weapons




Download : Click Here


1. Un-zip the archive you have downloaded.
This can be done by right clicking on the downloaded archive (.zip file). If the file ends in .rar you might need WinRAR to un-zip it.
1. Inside the un-zipped folder there should be file(s) ending in .spr.
Those are sprites. Since it is a HUD it can contain several sprites (.spr files).
640_hud7.spr for an example.
1. Now copy the all the .spr files (and hud.txt if it is there).
1. Find your cstrike folder and open it. Inside there should be a folder named sprites. If there isn’t a folder named sprites you must create it!
1. Open the sprites folder and paste in the sprites (.spr files). If you are asked to replace any files click “Yes.”

You have now installed your new HUD.

How to install a blood decal or\and bullet holes,

World War I marked the entry of fully industrialized warfare as well as weapons of mass destruction (e.g., chemical and biological weapons), and weapons were developed quickly to meet wartime needs. Above all, it promised to the military commanders the independence from the horse and the resurgence in maneuver warfare through extensive use of motor vehicles. The changes that these military technologies underwent before and during the Second World War were evolutionary, but defined the development for the rest of the century.

World War II however, perhaps marked the most frantic period of weapons development in the history of humanity. Massive numbers of new designs and concepts were fielded, and all existing technologies were improved between 1939 and 1945. The most powerful weapon invented during this period was the atomic bomb, however many more weapons influenced the world in different ways.


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