Counter Strike 1.6 – Razer

Counter Strike 1.6 – Razer

Counter Strike 1.6 – Razer




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Fans and fans, rejoice, before you build the game Counter-Strike 1.6 Razer , you are not mistaken it Reiser! For Gamers by Gamers ! Many young and experienced players are inspired by this wonderful brand, because the devices of this company are designed specifically for such games as CS , mice, headphones, etc., which gives you a huge advantage in the game, accuracy, control of each pixel, good sound and comfort.

Since I myself am a fan of this brand and have everything in my arsenal, from stickers to headphones! Assembly I did a very long time and played it on a long stretch and not how the hands did not reach the CS 1.6 Razer client , for sure in the audience of our site there are many fans not only games, But also these devices and they do not have enough for a full set of high-quality client with the code for the raiser.

The assembly is made for personal taste and color, who did not please, close the page, and now about it: beautiful design, in black and green colors, an excellent background image with a large and beautiful logo, and then even more interesting, the gloves of the player in the style of razer , Some models of weapons also have a unique logo and it looks very harmonious, red-blue players skins that give a good advantage in the visibility of modelki, they are called HLTV models, everyone knows about them and many use, protection, russification, rus chat and many Other plu The shki used for comfort in all our assemblies and is also available in the Razer Edition 2016 assembly .
Shortly speaking ,


– Unique and high-quality models of hands
– Retexture Weapon models are changed
– Stylized menus and GUI in Razer style
– Changed the command selection window
– Professional config
– Unique client protection
– Multi-protocol 47/48
– Full Russification
– Russian chat
– Russian nickname

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