CrossFire: Phoenix Pack Weapons

CrossFire: Phoenix Pack Weapons

CrossFire: Phoenix Pack Weapons




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**CrossFire: Phoenix Pack**

– **Smilegate – Model, textures, sound**
– **Hav0c – AK-47 animations**
– **IIoPn – M4A1 animations**
– **Nexon – Axe animations**
– **CS team – Grenade animations, hand model**
– **kot23rus – Port animation (AK-47)**
– **CadeOpreto. – Port animation (M4A1), handrig work (M4A1), arm texture edit**
– **kalasnikov88 – Handrig work (grenade)**
– **Teh Snake – Arm texture**
– **Schiff – Models textures sound port, animation fix, handrig work, texture edit, sprites, .qc edit, compile.**

**Third my port from CF. Now we have Phoenix Pack – this pack another reskin of ak, m4, nade, axe but! Smilegate remodel he’s ak and m4 (adding details and reUv’s stuff). M4A1 replace galil slot, coz phoenix model dont have silencer, and i dont want rip from another cf model silencer and hack to the m4a1. I remember, my port difference then others. I don’t use 3D rippers and hexeditors to convert and I not convert from css/cs crossfire imitation MOD’s with ugly cfstyled imitated animations and alot smooth errors. Some weapons don’t converted from cf, my job fill that space.**

**Wanna use my port? add to credits that guy ( and add some smooth errors to model and compile for CSO, i know you want stuck that games.**

**Schiff 18.12.14**

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