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Addons Zombie Plague

Addons Zombie Plague

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Counter-Strike Neo is an adaptation Japanese for arcade the video game Counter-Strike , the mod multiplayer original Half-Life . The game was distributed by Namco and runs on a system Linux . 

In gameplay, significant changes made in this version include they have chosen to move away from the terrorists scenario vs.Counterterrorism and corporate matchmaking systems and players classification derived from Rating ELO to help maintain a balanced match between players and teams.

The game’s official website released the novel White Memories , which consists of videos in Flash made by Romancework with a continuing storyline and even some gameplay portions that vaguely resemble Counter-Strike itself


Valve was founded by former employees of longtime Microsoft Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington on August 24, 1996  as Valve LLC in Kirkland , Washington in Seattle Eastside. After incoporação in April 2003,  it was moved from its original location to Bellevue , Washington, the same city of its original publisher, Sierra On-Line, Inc., was located.


The main games of your franchise are owned the series Half-Life , which had its first game released in 1998 .

The Half-Life series has received positive reviews most often their games were evaluated for gameplay, sounds, graphics and immersion magazines and review sites electronic games .

Publishing your games caused greater impact on the public when they were released the Half-Life and Half-Life 2, respectively, the latter being hailed as “[…] game winner of over 50 titles …” and “Winner of the Best Game Ever “by the magazine PC Gamer .

Steam Machines 

At the end of 2013 , Valve announced “steamos”, “Steam Machines” and “Steam Controllers”. These three ads showed the contract Valve in the field of hardware . According to Valve, the Steam Machines are HTPCs, made computers for the living room, but with total focus for games digitally sold the Steam platform. They posssuem one operating system developed by the Valve using Linux called steamos. The SteamMachines are fully customizable and can exchange parts and even OS. The steamos promises greater performance in games, have several other functions besides gaming and makes use of streaming from a PC to play games that do not work natively on steamos.

Steam Controller is a control designed by Valve. Unlike traditional consoles, has no analog, but trackpads with tactile technology, which can have virtual buttons depending on the case, and are also customizable, has rear buttons.

Valve Corporation (also known as Valve Software , and commonly referred to as valve ) is a company video game developerand digital distribution North American based in Bellevue, Washington, United States . His office subsediado in Luxembourg for European regions, Valve Sarl , was opened in 2012. Founded in 1996 as Valve LLC by former employees of Microsoft Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington , the company developed the acclaimed games for the critical Half-Life , Counter- Strike , Portal ,Day of Defeat , Team Fortress , Left 4 Dead and Dota 2  . He also developed and maintains the Source , in which most of their games use, and software distribution platform Steam , which led to Steam Machine , a line of pre – built computers running


The models of game consoles popularly receive the name of platforms or “systems” and each different model will be a different platform, even if they are from the same manufacturer . For example, the video game Nintendo Wii is a different platform Nintendo Wii U .


The Nintendo , traditional and innovative, began in arcades (arcade) and debuted in 1983 with the desktop console NES . In sequence made the SNES , the Nintendo 64 , theGameCube , the Wii and finally the Wii U. It was recently announced that a new platform is being developed, Project NX call

Leader in portable Game Boy , then Game Boy Color , Game Boy Advance and the best – selling handheld console history, as well known Nintendo DS in early 2011 launched its new portable Nintendo 3DS , which features an innovative system 3D games.

He launched the Wii with innovative gameplay with the control Wiimote , which made her return to the market leader. At E3 2011, Nintendo showed its newest console, the Wii U , Wii’s successor, launched on 18 November 2012. The graphics power of the new console is superior to the seventh generation consoles.


The Sony is a leader of the home video game market (with its PlayStation 2 ). Debuted in 1994 with the PlayStation in 2000 launched the best – selling home console in history,PlayStation 2 and in 2006 launched the PlayStation 3 .

In 2005 it launched its first portable console, the PSP , and the fourth quarter of 2011 launched the PlayStation Vita , continuing its line of laptops.

In early 2013 announced the new console of the company, the PlayStation 4 , the eighth-generation console, which was released on November 15, 2013 in North America .


The Microsoft is a giant enterprise software and hardware . It debuted in the console market in 2001 with the Xbox . In 2005 he began the seventh generation with Xbox 360 , and in 2013 launched its eighth generation console: Xbox One , released on November 22, 2013.

Manufacturers Ancients 

  • Sega : traditional manufacturer of arcades, began in Japan with the console SG-1000 , SG-1000 Mark II and SC-3000 . We had great success with the Master System andMega Drive . But with the large number of peripheral Mega Drive, the failure of Saturn in the US , despite the relative success of Dreamcast (the first 128-bit console) in the world, came to bankruptcy due to competition from Sony’s PlayStation and other following factors : PlayStation, according to game developers, it was much easier to program in 3D , since the Saturn had 3 processors and said it was very difficult to create games in three dimensions to it. 3D games would be something that would revolutionize video games – but at that time were incipient. Thus, some of the best 2D games of their generation are to Saturn. However, needless to say, which it determined the market were the 3D polygonal, and the PlayStation created excellent three-dimensional games and beat out the Saturn quickly. Apart from Nintendo , which in 1996 came with his Nintendo 64 working with 64-bit, thus making it a better console than the PlayStation and consequently the Sega Saturn . The polygonal games for Saturn were sufferable with adjustments to the arcade as the game Virtua Fighter.

As for the Dreamcast: although the owner of one of the best of his generation video games, Sega could no longer stabilize financially because the damage left by Saturn and the mountain of peripherals for the Mega Drive were never cleaned up. Thus, Sega began to devote himself only to software production from 2001 .

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