GTA Snow Time2change-Gaming

GTA Snow Time2change-Gaming

GTA Snow Time2change-Gaming




Download : Click Here




New Map

New Cars

New Models

New Sound

New Skin

New SpeedoMeter

/car ID


/nos To add nitro

/afk To stay AFK

/Ktu For back again

/PagujePuntorin To paid worker .

Teleportet /ls /lva /fly /fly2 /cannon /parku /casino /shkolla

And we modification weather we add snow in road, in beach,in bridge in mountains and we add the snow fell.

You can get the best cars in the world Audi,BMW,Mercedes,VW, the best modification cars , police have the best cars BMW M5

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  • comment-avatar
    JOSH 7 years

    GTA Teper e qar 🙂

  • comment-avatar

    qekjo gta spom bon antivirusi jem poom lajmron diqka per qet gta qka ka a e dini

    • comment-avatar

      Kurgja nuk ka po do gjona gaming jan ndalume po jan mbi 2000 mij shkarkime kerkush su anku per kurgja nale antivirusin 😀

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