Addons ClanWar UCP 8.5 /2017

Addons ClanWar UCP 8.5 /2017

Addons ClanWar UCP 8.5 /2017







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This addons have all new files with protection , have new plugin the best plugin for clanwar special mod , you can download and install your server .

We tested and worked fine no have any bug or error .


06.09.15 New version UCP 8.5

* Added new signatures d3d9.dll & opengl32.dll for Windows 10
* Now even once to find cheat ucp on your computer no longer start
* Disabled text-based advertising on the client console
* Disabled function of sending data to the monitoring

05.08.15 New version UCP 8.4

* Added cvar for disable tag [NO-UCP] (ucp_tag_mode “1”)
* Added new signatures d3d9.dll and opengl32.dll for support windows 8.1 (6.3.9600)
* Added support Windows 10 x86 and x64 build 10240
HL1. Added function to clear directory cstrike_downloads (ClearDownDir = 1)

11.03.14 New version UCP 8.3

* Added cvar for join to the server only with the current version of anti-cheat (ucp_version_mode)
HL1. Fixed an issue related to program Runpad Shell
HL2. Added support for GCF files from csmania for CSS v34
HL2. Lock all CSS 1909615 builds except those based on VPK files
HL2. Added function to delete files from the directory materials, scripts and models
HL2. Partially modified procedure for checking the integrity of files
HL2. Fixed errors of the temp directory
HL2. Added NO-UCP mode on the server
HL2. If noucp_mode = 1 or 2 – player can’t change nickname on the server

22.02.14 New version UCP 8.2

* Modified procedure generation UCP ID
* Fixed minor problems
* Now need run anticheat from the administrator account
HL1. Support full NO-UCP mode (noucp_mode “2”)
HL2. Lock all CSS 34 builds except those based on GCF files
HL2. Forcing make command mat_reloadallmaterials
HL2. Added to the database new d3d9.dll checksums
HL2. Fixed square shade under models
HL2. Blocked sprays

13.10.13 New version UCP 8.1

* Compatible with Windows 8.1

16.07.13 Update UCP 8.0.1 only for HL2

HL2. Compatibility with the latest rev-emulator for Win 7
HL2. Since the game was rarely updated resume scanning of files (.Dll)
HL2. AntiCheat is only compatible with the latest steam build (5337) and 34 patch (3945)

30.06.13 New version UCP 8.0 via J.P.

* Added the ability to advertise their resources in console games
* Added support new rev-emulator
HL1. Support for the latest build (6027)
HL1. Fixed function for lifting screenshots
HL2. Support for the latest build (5337)
HL2. Partially changed the function detecting mathacks
HL2. Fixed one bug in the game

03.04.13 New version UCP 7.9

HL1. Support latest build (5999)
HL2. Changed the screenshots make function
HL2. Corrected problem with textures on some maps
HL2. Fixed game on some builds
HL2. Fixed one bug in the game

09.12.12 Update UCP 7.8.3 only for HL2

HL2. Fixed crashing game on some builds
HL2. Fixed one bug in the game

25.10.12 Update UCP 7.8.2 only for HL2

HL2. Checking CTX files
HL2. Fixed problem falling on some emulators
HL2. Added function lock cvars on the server side
HL2. Enhanced protection in the 34th patch

09.10.12 New version UCP 7.8

* Support Windows 8 x86 and x64
HL2. Fixed problems with running the game
HL2. Compatibility with the latest build 5066

30.08.12 New version UCP 7.7

* nVidia Optimus compatibility
* Added optional ability to login on to the server with the included VAC
* Enhanced search bad utilities
HL1. Fixed gratuitous kicks when connecting or map changes
HL1. Now nick change the prefix [NO-UCP] not write to player config
HL1. Support ESL and ESWC players models
HL2. Compatibility with the latest build 5028
HL2. Strengthened anti-cheat protection
HL2. Lock command r_drawothermodels
HL2. Support Zombie Riot textures
HL2. Support Team Fortress 2
HL2. The current version does not work backwards compatibility

29.05.12 New version UCP 7.6

* Fixed wrong detect CyberAdmin5 and TORNADO Source Panel
* Changed the identification system (the current version will not work backward compatibility)
* Added new command for screened from all players about the same time (ucp_screenall)
* Ability to put screenshots on the removal of the interval only for the specified player (ucp_screen nick 60)
* A partial modification of the autoupdated system
HL1. Support NO-UCP mode, with the ability to do damage only to those who do not play the same anti-cheat (noucp_mode 1\0)
HL1. Supporting module MetaHook 3.0
HL2. Improved ways of dealing with the change of textures

30.03.12 New version UCP 7.5

* The final block of Sandbox
* Added 2 remote detection method
HL2. Fixed screens on the last protocole
HL2. Fixed plugin removal bug
HL2. In the base added new player textures

14.01.12 New version UCP 7.4 FIX 1

* Fixed problem with win7x86 in steam client
* Fixed long wait while the monitor is not available when hosting
* Added new server cvar ucp_fastkick for quick kick no-ucp players
* Plugin version is attached to the version ucp.cmd
* Now banlist will be displayed backwards

02.01.12 New version UCP 7.4

* Blocked NO-UCP plugins
* Support Steam Community
HL1. The new system of protection for cheats, who use only ReadMemoryProcess
HL1. Support module MetaHook 2.1
HL2. Added to the base textures for map de_maya

11.11.11 New version UCP 7.3

* Added a new cvar ucp_precache for on/off upload ucp.cmd
HL1. Strengthened protection for 64-bit systems
HL2. The database adds new texture models of players

01.11.11 New version UCP 7.2

* Backward compatible versions
* Fixed a false positive on the Remote Desktop Connection
* Fixed an issue with the same ID’s
HL1. Fixed crash in Half-Life
HL2. Improved support for some CSS builds
HL2. Sprays textures are permitted with a transparent background
HL2. Supporting module Adrenaline Gamer 2
HL2. Added to the base paintball textures
HL2. Enhanced protection of the anti-cheat
HL2. No longer supports the module name_enabler.dll, because modifies the game engine

16.10.11 New version UCP 7.1

* Anti Cheat will no longer display the error “Modificated version windows”
* Now, for to run in debug mode, need set instead of “+” to “*”
HL1. Fixed problem with “Failed to initalize authentication interface. Exiting …” on Win7x86
HL1. Support module MetaHook 2.0
HL1. Improved anti-cheat protection system
HL2. Improved methods of dealing with mathaks
HL2. Support for the latest build 4724

14.08.11 New version UCP 7.0

* Added to base new d3d9.dll signatures
* Now the files are checked with a short interval in order to avoid an overflow channel
* Automatically send the data to monitor after 58 minutes when the mao is not change
* Added a new server cvar ucp_who_mode
HL1. Support for the latest version revEmu
HL2. Fixed bug for module Deathmatch
MU. Lock MuProxy
MU. AntiCheat no longer supports versions below 1.4.10 main.exe

16.06.11 New version UCP 6.9

* Server name in the monitor will now display correctly
* Ability to specify the number of the core that will run the anticheat (increases FPS)
* Added to base new d3d9.dll signatures
* Sandboxe added to the list of prohibited programs
HL1. During installation, if already installed Unicode Patch, tick the “install build 4554” is automatically removed
HL1. In cvarlist.txt for lock added lightgamma 2.5

18.05.11 New version UCP 6.8

* Now the data from the UCP server will be posted on the site in the section “Monitor“
* Added a new cvar ucp_monitor
HL1. Improved anti-cheat protection system
HL2. Improved support for latest version of CSS
HL2. Support mode Deathmatch
HL2. Automatic replacement binkw32.dll

25.03.11 New version UCP 6.7

* Support d3d9.dll of Win 7 sp1
HL2. Automatic copying steamclient.dll from bin to root game directory

18.12.10 New version UCP 6.6

* Support latest version ucp_menu
* In ucp_who will be displayed and ucp id in the format of steam id
* When run a licensed version of the game without starting show error message
HL1. Support build kypho
HL1. Support unicode patch
HL1. Improved procedure for removing unnecessary files
HL1. Now the anticheat will only work on the build of 4554
HL1. Native get_user_build function no longer exists
HL1. Opportunity to establish the necessary game files from build 4554 during installation of anti-cheat
HL2. Fixed auto update (it will work with the next version)
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