HD Weapons pack v2

HD Weapons pack v2

HD Weapons pack v2




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Now it is time to improve the actual image. It’s currently very plain; I wanted to add some colour to it. Duplicate the layer and delete the top part of the image. Go to Image -> Adjustments -> hue/saturation controls, have a fiddle with the settings until you get something you like. I went for a dark green/grey colour.

By repeating this step again, I added a border to add just a little more colour to it. This time, I went for an even darker green/grey colour. Now, I want to add some extra detail to the image, you can skip this part out if you like, but it’s really entirely up to how you want your texture to look. By using cgtextures.com I found a good image with what looks like water leaks. I think this would look perfect at the top of the image. After a quick crop and resize, I placed it onto the main image.

After placing it on the image, I then set it to “overlay,” supplicated the layer and set the opacity on the copy to 75%. This gave a very quick and easy effect to the image. Next, I wanted to add some scratches to the bottom of the image, to make it look like paint has been scratched away over time. To do this, we yet again go back to what should be a bookmarked resource http://www.cgtextures.com/ I found a nice image with some scratches which would be ideal. A good image will be one that will produce a subtle effect, make all of this detail too noticeable and people will notice the repeat in-game. As always, scale and crop the image then place it onto the main one.


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