Golden Weapons Pack (v2)

Golden Weapons Pack (v2)

Golden Weapons Pack (v2)




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This time I set it to an overlay with the opacity set to 25%. I’d like to encourage you to play with these setting, trying multiple layers, with different setting. A wide variety of results can easily be achieved. Now, that is a texture, it looks incredible, I’m very happy with how it turned out. However, we aren’t done yet; the hardest part is unfortunately, yet to come.

Making The Texture Tile

This is the hardest part of making a good texture, getting it to tile well. If the texture didn’t tile well, the realism will be lost as real life doesn’t have seams. Merge all the layers, then flatten and save it under a different file name, in case you screw this up and want to try again, or want to go back and change the texture. Go to Filter -> Other -> Offset. Set the properties to 256 pixels in the horizontal as the texture need not tile vertically. If you did need it to tile vertically, you would need to set it to 256 pixels in the vertical as well. This number will also be different for the size of the texture, as I am making a texture that is 512×512 it needs to be offset by 256; this number is essentially half the size of the texture.

Now we need to use the healing brush tool and clone stamp tool to remove the seam in the middle of the image. There are other tools you could use, but this is down to time and practice. There isn’t really any proper way of doing this. Just after 2 minutes of using the healing brush tool, I managed to get the seam removed. Very quick and easy tool to use and gets the job done fast.

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