Hight Ping Kick

Hight Ping Kick

High Ping Kick

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just found the original plugin here in the forum. I think there is no need of an explanation…

***Update(19.04.04) – New version out 0.16.2
***Update(27.07.04) – Not directly an update, but steam plugin with delay now available from here

———ver 0.16.2———

WON and Steam

* changed cvars
– amx_maxping -> amx_hpk_ping
– amx_maxping_check -> amx_hpk_check
– amx_maxping_tests -> amx_hpk_tests

* added amx_command
– amx_hpk – displays status of the plugin and syntax to configure it

* added cvar
– amx_hpk_delay – Delays ping checking after connect (default 1min, use amx_hpk to configure)

———ver 0.16.1———

* added cvars
– amx_maxping //lowest average ping to be kicked
– amx_maxping_check //time between checks
– amx_maxping_tests //number of checks to be performed before kick

* modified the version from 0.9.4 (OLO) to 0.16.1 (amxx)

* added log entry for amxx logging

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