Smoothed Pack Weapons

Smoothed Pack Weapons

Smoothed Pack Weapons




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Hello everyone and welcome to the “**Model Install Guide**” by yours truly, please note that this guide is for the absolute _n00b_, in case you don’t know how to install maps, you just hit the right spot here on GB. This guide will ensure that you will never need to find out how to install a map ever again, and that you will understand this guide with extreme ease!
So, let us begin!

It is **really** simple. I created a simple table to let you guys understand easily. Just Unzip the given file and place the specific file in the specified directory! Easy as 1 2 3.

*.utx files GO IN ———————> Textures\

*.uax files GO IN ———————> Sounds\

*.upl files GO IN ———————-> System\

*.ukx files GO IN ——————> Animations\

*.ka files GO IN ———————->Karma\

So, there you have it. I tried to keep it as simple as possible; _keeping a n00b in mind_.
I hope this tut helps you out!

Feel free to ask me for any problems that you may encounter! ^^

_PS: If the file downloaded includes a file in a “.umod” format, then the files will be installed automatically._

You read the tutorial successfully!

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