Titan Hell Weapons

Titan Hell Weapons

Titan Hell Weapons




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[FULL GAME] TitanHell Mod for Counter-Strike 1.6

This game take alot of time from me to finish it. (and it’s still need some updates)
It’s take around 15 days and every day take around 7-13 hours.

Basically ,I didn’t finish the game 100% but I just upload it to make you test this game on your computer and I’ll make some updates in the future.

Have fun.

**What’s available now in the game** ?

– Iron sight for all weapons.
– New buy menu.
– More than 50 weapon.
– More than 30 HD map.
– Breathing system. (Low hp)
– New custom war sounds.
– unlimited money.
– blue fade screen when you kill someone.
– bounce kill : +50 hp for headshot / +30 hp for kill without headshot / +100 hp for knife kill

**In the next updates you will see** :

– More weapons.
– New knives.
– Sprinting mod.
– Sprinting animations.
– Start/back iron sight animations.
– More game effects and sounds.
– Music player. (open any song from ur pc in the game)
– Fix any bug you found.
– G – throw grenade.
– E – Speed knife.
– F1 ,F2 ,F3 …. F12 play Titan music.
– better buy menu.
– New weapons textures. (For all weapons)
– New player textures.
– New RPG and other special weapons.
– CT & TER have Different hands.
– Add more realistic to the game.
– Better sprites.
– Radar working like. (overview)
– P_model for all weapons.

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