GTA T2CH – V.2.0

GTA T2CH – V.2.0

GTA T2CH – V.2.0




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San Andreas bestaat uit de bovengenoemde drie steden die gescheiden van elkaar worden door platteland (Flint County en Red County) met daarop diverse boerendorpjes (Angel Pine, Dillimore, Blueberry, Montgomery en Palomino Creek), woestijn (Bone County), riviera (Tierra Robada), een hooggebergtegebied (Whetstone) en diverse waterwegen (Los Santos Intel, San Andreas Sound, San Fierro Bay en Flint Water). Op het platteland tussen Los Santos en San Fierro ligt de berg Mount Chiliad, de hoogste berg in San Andreas. San Fierro kent net als het echte San Francisco veel hoogteverschillen. Los Santos en Las Venturas zijn voornamelijk vlak.

Even before CJ his home may involve it being stopped by several police officers. These agents are part of C.R.A.S.H. (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums) [1] and his old acquaintances from Carl. They called Frank Tenpenny, Eddie Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez newcomer. These agents accuse him just killing of officer Ralph Pendelbury, a murder he did not commit because he just stepped off the plane. In reality, they killed Pendelbury, to ensure that he would reveal their corrupt practices. In this way they blackmailed CJ so that he can later refurbishing some jobs for them in the storyline.

After the grave to have visited his mother begin CJ, his brother Sweet and his friends Ryder and Big Smoke to the Grove (slang term for the territories and influence of the Grove Street Families) back to put on the map by their arch enemies, African-American gang Ballas and Hispanic gang Los Santos Vagos inflict some heavy blows. CJ also helping an old friend, OG Loc, who has just come out of prison, building a rapcarrière. He does this by including the rhyme book of Madd Dogg, one of the most famous rappers of Los Santos, to steal from his villa. CJ’s sister Kendl meanwhile, maintains a relationship with the Mexican Cesar Vialpando who is the leader of the Varrio Los Aztecas, another smaller Latin American corridor. Sweet is against this relationship, but CJ approves the relationship well, provided Cesar Kendl treated with respect. Everything seems to go to Cesar CJ shows something good.

Cesar let CJ know that Ryder and Big Smoke secretly doing business with, inter alia, the Vagos, the Ballas, the San Fierro Rifa San Fierro (another city in San Andreas) and C.R.A.S.H. officers Tenpenny and Pulaski. Furthermore, it appears that Ryder and Big Smoke are also responsible for the murder of Beverly Johnson, CJ’s mother.

Sweet touches heavily wounded during an attack on the Ballas and arrested afterwards. CJ is smuggled out of the city by Tenpenny and Pulaski to still do a job for them. Cesar and Carl’s sister, Kendl also know to escape. Since CJ’s out of town, Sweet is in hospital and has been arrested and Smoke and Ryder have betrayed the families goes rapidly with Grove Street Families. Ballas gratefully take all their territories and on the remaining members of the Grove Street Families get all addicted to drugs or hiding. Big Smoke now build a drug empire with Ryder as his assistant and the Ballas and Vagos as nationals. The massive drug sales Smoke can afford a suite. To wash his white money he offers OG Loc, which has become very popular with the rap, to a record deal.

CJ after his contract C.R.A.S.H. has accomplished, Tenpenny makes him a hippie called The Truth come. Tenpenny wants to buy weed from The Truth to hide it in a car from a prosecutor. This person has incriminating information about Tenpenny and want to arrest him.

Cesar allows Carl to his niece for Catalina. To get money they rob a bank, a betting shop, a gas station and a liquor store. Catalina is deeply in love with Carl, and Carl, who is afraid that this disturbed man kills him, but the game should play. Cesar CJ also talks about illegal races that take place in the neighborhood. During a race, he met Wu Zi Mu (nickname Woozie), the blind leader of the San Fierro Triads. Woozie CJ and get friends and Woozie says that CJ may come once when he came to San Fierro.

Later will there be a race where CJ Catalina sees cushion with Claude, the protagonist of GTA III. Catalina is in love with him. CJ must race against Claude with Catalina stake. But CJ is clearly not interested in who gets Catalina and want to race for Claudes car. CJ wins but Catalina says he had an “unfair advantage” (Claude her namely to satisfy while he was racing). Still, they give him a prize. In place of a car’s ownership papers they give him a garage in San Fierro. Then they go along with Claude to Liberty City (where nine years later, the events will take place with Claude and Catalina starring). In the course of the game Catalina CJ contact a few times to harass him.

CJ before going to San Fierro, he goes along with The Truth to pick up the weed. The police meanwhile have discovered The Truth wietplantage so CJ and The Truth must first destroy all the remaining weed. Then CJ goes with The Truth won the garage in Doherty, where it appears that the car is nothing more than a dump. CJ was initially angry and cursed Claude, but Kendl and Cesar could eventually convince him to renovate the garage. The Truth has some friends living in the city and proposes to employ them. These friends are Zero, a technology expert and Dwaine and Jethro, two auto mechanics who have worked in Vice City in the boat yard which has been bought by Tommy.


Not much later, Cesar learns Ryder deal gently closes with the three people who run drug production in San Fierro, Jizzy B, a pimp, Mike Toreno, a businessman / drug dealer and T Bone Mendez, the muscles of the San Fierro Rifa. San Fierro Rifa are those who supply the drugs to Big Smoke. Through Jizzy B CJ comes into this organization, thus winning their trust.

He also helps Woozie the fight against the Da Nang Boys, a Vietnamese hallway rivals of the Triads. The Triads have any sense, they seek the help of CJ in more competition. When a container ship arriving in San Fierro Carl kills the leader of the Da Nag Boys, Snakehead, and frees the prisoners on board the ship. Even before Carl even saves lives of Mr. Ran Fa Li, the leader of the Triads, the Vietnamese way to lure the car that Mr. Li Fa would actually bring back to China. Because CJ Woozie that helps, too Woozie helps him to dismantle the San Fierro Rifa. He also helps with Zero still fighting his nemesis Berkley, whom he has won once with a match and now wants revenge on Zero.

Woozie discovered that a deal will be between the San Fierro Rifa and CJ’s defected friends from Los Santos and CJ decides that it is time to take action. Before the deal takes place he kills Jizzy and finds out that the deal will be closed on Pier 69. together with the assistance of the Triads CJ and Cesar murder those present at the deal, including Ryder and T Bone. Toreno, which arrives in a helicopter sees the corpses and flies away. His helicopter, however, can blow them into the next mission when Toreno wanted to fly away with it. CJ assumes that Toreno died. If cap CJ also another blow to the drug factory of the San Fierro Rifa on which he beats them forever.

The game contains a number of new features such as cycling on a BMX, a mountain bike and a normal bike. There are also added a lot of new vehicles. Also new CJ must eat to stay alive in the game. In addition, when Carl eat too much food and never moves, it thickens. Missions more difficult by poor physical condition and CJ people will even call fatso. If the player goes to a sports center, he can train CJ to improve strength and health or whatever to get pounds of the body. Rockstar Games has also added the player as soon as he is swimming in the water. In previous versions drowned the player and your health went straight to zero. What is also new is that you can skydiving, for example a skyscraper. San Andreas several mini-games such as: GTA also includes basketball, pool and different playing cabinets where classic arcade games to be played. It is also possible to update with some girlfriends and CJ can learn to dance in nightclubs. There is a Las Vegas-like strip, there are rural villages where there is a whole culture and a hippie district in San Fierro, named Hashbury.

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