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Just Capture the Flag
Mod version: 1.32c

Thread contents:

  • Description
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Commands
  • Recomandations and Issues
  • Screenshots
  • Get addon plugins
  • Making addon plugins (API)
  • Changelog and Thanks


Gameplay is simple, two teams, RED (Terrorists) and BLUE (CTs), each having a flag near their base.
The goal of each team is to capture the enemy flag while defending their own because in order to capture the enemy flag, you must bring it to your base and your flag must be there.
Enemy flags are stolen and team flags are returned by a simple touch.

Typical CTF gameplay… HOWEVER, it’s got alot of features to enhance and balance the gameplay.

Highlighted features:
– Respawn, spawn protection and a team balance system
– Adrenaline points that give players temporary benefits when adrenaline reaches 100.
– Rewards (frags, adrenaline, money) for getting, capturing, killing carrier and returning flags.
– Assist rewards for assisting teammates on flag capturing and returning.
– Custom buy menu which allows all players to buy all weapons, including C4 (plantable anywhere, kills everything in range).
– Free ammo ! You get full free ammo whenever you buy a gun or you press the buy ammo keys.
– Killed enemies drop bonus items like medkits, adrenaline shots and ammo boxes.
– Mod has an API, see the API section for more details.
– You can disable individual features!
And more, discover them yourself!


Follow these instructions carefully:

  1. Download and extract into your amxmodx folder (Orpheu module thread)
  2. Download and extract in your server’s cstrike folder.
  3. Download jctf.txt and place it in your amxmodx/data/lang folder.
  4. Download jctf.sma and place it in your amxmodx/scripting folder then compile it (How to compile)
  5. Install plugin (move it from compiled to plugins) and write it’s name in your plugins.ini file.
  6. Read the sections below on how to manage the mod.

NOTE: If you *really* can’t get orpheu modeule to work, you can just disable it’s usage: edit jctf.sma, change FEATURE_ORPHEU to false and recompile… howver, infinite round and flag capture round end will not work!


NOTE: Reset cvars need to be set on map-based configs (amxmodx/configs/maps/<mapname>.cfg) in order to be changed!

Mod cvars:
ctf_respawntime (reset to 10) – players respawn time
ctf_protection (reset to 5) – players spawn protection time
ctf_weaponstay (default 30) – how long do weapons and items stay on ground
ctf_spawnmoney (default 1000) – money bonus when spawning (unless it’s a suicide)
ctf_infiniteround (default 1) – round doesn’t end if all players form one team die (requires FEATURE_ORPHEU) changing this restarts game!
ctf_flagheal (default 1) – toggles if flag bases heal teammates
ctf_flagreturn (default 120) – flag auto-return time
ctf_flagendround (default 0) – if a flag is captured, round is ended (requires FEATURE_ORPHEU)
ctf_flagcaptureslay (default 0) – if a flag is captured, loosing team is slain (requires ctf_flagendround 1 OR FEATURE_ORPHEU false)
ctf_itempercent (default 30) – chance that items spawn when a player is killed, 0-100
ctf_nospam_flash (default 20) – delay of rebuying two flashbangs in a life
ctf_nospam_he (default 20) – delay of rebuying a HE grenade in a life
ctf_nospam_smoke (default 20) – delay of rebuying a smoke grenade in a life
ctf_spawn_prim (reset to “m3”) – player’s primary spawn weapon – use “” to disable (see list of weapon names in sma)
ctf_spawn_sec (reset to “glock”) – player’s secondary spawn weapon – use “” to disable (see list of weapon names in sma)
ctf_spawn_knife (reset to 1) – toggles if player receives a knife or not upon spawn
ctf_sound_taken (default 1) – toggles if the “flag taken” sounds can be heard
ctf_sound_dropped (default 1) – toggles if the “flag dropped” sounds can be heard
ctf_sound_returned (default 1) – toggles if the “flag returned” sounds can be heard
ctf_sound_score (default 1) – toggles if the “X team scores” sounds can be heard
ctf_dynamiclights (default 1) – set the default dynamic lights setting, players will still be able to toggle individually using /lights
ctf_glows (default 1) – set if entities can glow, like when players have flag or an adrenaline combo, weapons start to fade, etc.

Game cvars used by this mod:
mp_c4timer (recommended 20) – time before the C4 devices explode
mp_winlimit – when a team reaches this number of flag captures the map ends
mp_timelimit – map time limit (displayed as round timer)
mp_startmoney (recommended 3000) – starting money AND minimunm amount of money a player can have (unless it’s a suicide)
mp_forcecamera – (0/1 – spectate enemies or not) mod fades to black if this is on and player is in free look (no teammates alive)
mp_forcechasecam – (0/1/2 – force chase cammera all/team/firstperson) same as above
mp_autoteambalance – enable/disable plugin’s simple auto-team balance (checks at every player death)

Advanced configuration
You can customize the mod even more, you can find settings that I didn’t made as CVars inside the source file (jctf.sma), there you can edit serval stuff, like disabling individual features, changing default settings for reset cvars, tweaking costs and rewards and many more.

Remember to re-compile and replace the compiled plugin in your plugins folder after you make any modifications to the jctf.sma file.


Admin commands
ctf_return red/blue – return the specified flag if it was dropped for at least 15 seconds (configurable)

Player commands
Can be used in: s = say, t = teamsay, c = console (note, console commands don’t have the / in front!)

(s) /lights – enables/disables dynamic flag lights for that player
(s) /sounds 1-10 or test – sets the announcer volume, scale from 1 to 10, or plays an announcer sound for testing the volume (the test param)
(s,t) /help – shows the help text in console – includes server’s mod settings of cvars and features
(s,t) /buy – shows the buy menu (not required, just use the normal buy key, default B)
(s,t) /spawn – buy an instant spawn for 50 adrenaline (configurable)
(s,t,c) /dropflag – drops the flag if you have it (WARNING: you will lose all rewards got for getting the flag!)
(s,t,c) /adrenaline – adrenaline combo pick menu once you got 100 adrenaline.

Flag placement
Once you load a map, both flags will spawn at the first player’s spawn point.
As an RCON access admin you can move the flag bases to more suitable and ballanced places, you can do that using these commands in-game:

ctf_moveflag red/blue – move flag’s base to your position, works even if you’re dead or spectating
ctf_save – saves the flag base positions (as cstrike/maps/<mapname>.ctf)

Optionally, you can also download the for some flag positions made by me, extract in server’s cstrike/maps folder.

Recomandations and Issues:

Known issues:

  • (Fixed) The “ED_Alloc: no free edicts” problem may occur when too many items (entities) exist at once in the map, to fix this, you could:
    – Add “-num_edicts 4096” to server’s run parameters
    – Decrease “ctf_itempercent” and “ctf_weaponstay” cvars, the less items on ground, the better.
  • (Fixed) Players using VGUI menus won’t be able to buy weapons that aren’t listed there (like C4 and enemy weapons) and the mod can’t disable VGUI on players without altering their config, therefore they’re notified when spawning that they must use /buy or disable VGUI menu themseleves.


  • Base-vs-base maps work best with this mod, most GunGame maps are like that.
  • Do not use plugins related to buying, buy menu or C4 events.

Translate this plugin to your language!

Servers running jCTF

Get addon plugins:

Some addon plugins made by other members that uses jCTF:

  • jCTF + SuperHero mod: Get XP for flags (Made by Jelle)
  • jCTF + SuperHero mod: Buy XP with adrenaline (Made by Jelle)

To install any of these plugins, you must first download, extract it into your amxmodx folder, also add the include required for the other mod (if any) and compile !

Send me a PM if you made some addon plugins if you want me to add them here.
You can also request addon plugins.

Making addon plugins (API):

Since v1.2, this mod has an API that can be used from other plugins to get or control stuff on this plugin.
To use it, you need to download the and include it in your addon-plugin.

In the archive you’ll find the required include, and an example plugin, jctf_addon_example.sma.

You can request more forwards or natives to be added to the API for further control of this mod.

Thanks to:

  • The players that participated on my boring testing sessions
  • Arkshine for his Infinite Round and Round Terminator plugins, because I don’t know anything about Orpheu
  • Some plugin developers from which I got a few ideeas/codes… but I don’t remember who exacly :/
  • And the people that made good suggestions :}
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