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Chat messages from admins with the defined access level (default ADMIN_CHAT) will have a different name and message colors from normal players.
Plus admins with the defined access level (default ADMIN_BAN) will see all players’ messages, including alive and dead players and teamsay from the other team.

Cvars/Commands (Default Access Level: ADMIN_CHAT):
amx_namecolor <color>
Name colors: [1] Yellow, [2] Green, [3] White, [4] Blue, [5] Red, [6] TeamColor
Changes the name color of all admins
Default: 6

amx_color <color>
Message colors: [1] Yellow, [2] Green, [3] White, [4] Blue, [5] Red
Changes the message color of all admins
Default: 2

Therefore, default admins’ chat color will be:
TeamColor Name : Green Message

Also, messages of normal players will be in the following format so it’s easy to differ admins from normal players by their color:
TeamColor Name : Yellow message

amx_listen <1 | 0>
Either allow/prohibit admins from seeing all live, dead and team-only messages, regardless they are alive or dead, or which team they are.
Default: 1

Note: The plugin will handle color changing properly in order to avoid messages which contains Red, Blue, and White together (This isn’t possible due an engine limitation). In these cases, either name or message color will be changed to green.


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