Gold Models Weapons

Gold Models Weapons

Gold Models Weapons




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Just some final touches needed now, you can offset the image again, so it’s back to normal or leave it as it is. Duplicate the image, and then go to Filer -> Other -> High Pass. Set the radius to one, then change the layers blending to vivid light and set the opacity to 50%. This just increases the crispness of the image, so it will look better in-game.

Huzzah, we are done the editing of the image. Now we can finally make it into a texture. Simply go to ‘save as’ and save it as a VTF file. Now, you have to choose which format you want the texture to be, the main ones are, DXT1 (no alpha channel support), DXT3 (Basic alpha channel support) and DXT5 (full alpha channel support). Usually you will use these three, to find out more, go to VDC . I shall be using DXT1 as I have no need for an alpha channel and it will still look good after compression. You want to save the image in your materials folder of CS: S, you can create a subfolder just for your textures inside that one.

Creating The VMT

Now we need to create the VMT file for the texture, this is so Hammer and the game can understand what the texture is and what to do with it. The VMT contains information on other aspects of the texture other than the image itself. It can be used to define a normal map, what it’s made from and how to shade it in game. Open your newly created texture in VTFEdit. Click on tools -> create VMT file, this should open up a new screen, click on the ‘options’ tab and select a material from the ‘surface’ drop down box. This is what your texture will be ‘made’ from in game; it controls what sound you make when you run across it and when you shoot at it. Hit create and save it in the same location as your texture.

I hope this has been an informative tutorial, it took me around half an hour to make the texture from start to finish, but writing this tutorial took considerably longer. I hope you like your texture and you can now see it in Hammer, ready to be applied to your maps. Just make sure you see my BSPZip tutorial to learn how to ship your textures with your map when you put it up for download.

As you can see from my result below, even just a single custom texture in the right place can make a map look good

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