Map Spawns Editor v1.0

Map Spawns Editor v1.0

Map Spawns Editor v1.0  

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This plugin let you ( add & del & edit ) map spawns absolute easy.


/* What’s for::
  • * A lot of map have spawndeath & bad position & less spawns problem I know since I has made a server 5 months.
  • How can we fix this? I use some tools todo this but it hard use and do something when you are playing the game.
  • I got the way to do this, so I made this plugin.
  • * How easy?
  • 1, One plugin and use one menu you can do all thing.
  • 2, Edit spawns and change spawns angle at anytime without restart server or reload map just use save function.
  • 3, Add & Del spawns just reload map once (you can Del all spawns if you want)


/* Requirements::
  • AMX Mod X 1.76a or greater
  • Engine module


/* Install Instructions::
  • * put the amxx file Map_Spawns_Editor.amxx to (addons\amxmodx\plugins) folder
  • * put the lang file map_spawns_editor.txt to (addons\amxmodx\data\lang) folder


/* Description::
  • 1,Load the map which need to be edit spawns.
  • 2,Join server with ADMIN_BAN and bind a key with amx_editor_menu command.
  • 3,Type amx_spawn_editor 1 in console to enable editor function
  • 4,Push your binded key to open editor menu.(all function in menu)
  • 5,Now Add & Del & Edit use menu.(change angle and del spawn you need aim spawn what is need to be made)
  • 6,Finally, select <save all spawns> in menu when you finished and the changes will be activated.
  • NOTICE: If your (Editor Spawns) diff. to (Origina Spawns) that the map needs to be reloaded once to activate your changes.


/* Console Commands::
  • * amx_spawn_editor 1/0 // Enable & Disable Editor Function
  • * amx_editor_menu // open Editor Menu


/* Change Log::
  • * [2007-02-07] change lang file character format to ASIN for most ppl.(TO chinese user: 下载 map_spawns_editor.txt 后请转换为 UTF-8 格式后再使用)
  • * [2006-10-23] v1.0Rewrite all code, it’s almost a new one.
  • Fixed the Del spawns can not be less than orgign limit.
  • Added change spawn vangle left&right function.
  • Added easily create above player spawn function.
  • Added auto create (spawns) folder function if it’s not exist.
  • Added multi-lingual support
  • Added Cvar map_spawns record spawns lets HLSW or Server Tools can see how many spawns in that map.
  • * [2006-08-23] First release. v0.5
  • it works but have more bad code


/* Credits::
  • help & some code from them
  • * FreeCode, BAILOPAN, VEN, oneofthedragon
  • * and more…
/* multi-lingual */
  • [cn]
  • [en] – created by XxAvalanchexX
  • [pl] – created by Zuko
  • [es] – created by KylixMynxAltoLAG
  • [de] – created by |PJ| Shorty
  • [bp] – created by commonbullet
  • [nl] – created by DSI
  • [ro] – created by Cladyu

: Description :.Very useful plugin to modify/remove/create player spawns on each specific map, via a cool menu (ADMIN_RCON required).You can edit T & CT spawns, and change their angles. Also, you can save the changes according to your preferences (ent format or standard format).

.: Commands :.amx_spawn_editor <0|1> – disables/enables spawns editor function (you have to enable it before using the menu) amx_editor_menu – displays spawns editor menu

.: Available languages :English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Spanish, Romanian, Dutch.

.: Requirements :AMX Mod 2006.3 or higher.Important: If you are using CS 1.5, use the “Map_Spawns_Editor_NO_STEAM.amx” or recompile the .sma file with the #define NO_STEAM uncommented.Compatible mods: Counter-Strike, Condition Zero.


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