Nokia D1C, phone specifications derived online!

Nokia D1C, phone specifications derived online!

Nokia Corporation [4] (Finnish: Nokia Oyj, Finnish pronunciation: [nokiɑ], UK / nɒkiə /, US / noʊkiə /), stylized as NOKIA, is a Finnish Multinational communications and information technology company, Founded in 1865. Nokia is headquartered in Espoo, Uusimaa, in the Greater Helsinki metropolitan area. [1] In 2014, Nokia employed 61.656 people across 120 Countries, did business in more than 150 Countries and annual Reported Revenues of around € 12.73 billion. [3] Nokia is a public limited-liability company listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and New York Stock Exchange. [5] It is the world’s 274th-Largest company measured by 2013 Revenues according to the Fortune Global 500. [6] The company is a component of the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index. [7]

The company has hadd Various industries in Its 151-year history, Originally Founded as a pulp mill, and currently focuses on large-scale telecommunications infrastructure, and technology development and Licensing. [8] Also Nokia is a major contributor to the mobile telephony industry, having assisted in development of the GSM and LTE Standards, and Was, for a period, the local Largest of mobile phones in the world. Also Nokia’s dominance extended Into the industry through Its Symbian smartphone platform, soft Was Overshadowed by Competitors soon. Nokia Eventually entered Into a pact with Microsoft in 2011 to use Exclusively Its Windows Phone platform on smartphones introduced. Its mobile phone business Eventually Was Bought by Microsoft in an overall deal totaling $ 7.17 billion. [9] [10] Stephen Elop, Nokia’s Former CEO, and other Several Executives joined the new Microsoft Mobile Subsidiary of Microsoft as part of the deal, Which Was completed on 25 April 2014. [11]

Since the sale of Its mobile phone business, Nokia Began to focus more extensively on Its telecommunications infrastructure business, Marked by the divestiture of Its Here Maps division, its Foray in virtual reality, and the acquisitions of French telecommunications company Alcatel-Lucent and digital health Withings maker in 2016. [12] [13] From late 2016, Nokia’s name Will return to the mobile phone market through global HMD.

Nokia has a long history, dating back to 1865 When Fredrik Idestam, a mining engineer, created a pulp mill near the town of Tampere, Finland (stated in the Russian Empire). A second pulp mill Was created in 1868 near the town of Nokia, Tampere nearby Itself. In 1871, together with friend Leo Idestam Mechelin shared Formed a company and called it Nokia, after the town of the second pulp mill. For the next 90 years, Nokia on Its own WOULD BE a forest and power industry company, with Activities Such as Electricity generation.

In 1922 Nokia Was jointly-owned with a trio partnership with Finnish Cable Works (Suomen Kaapelitehdas, Formed in 1917) and Finnish Rubber Works (Suomen Gummitehdas, Formed in 1898). Finnish Cable Works Manufactured telephone and electrical cables, whereas Finnish Rubber Works created galoshes and other rubber products.

1967-1990 [edit]
In 1967 the three companies Nokia Aktiebolag (Nokia Company), Suomen Kaapelitehdas and Suomen Kumitehdas (renamed from Suomen said by Gummitehdas) merged and created the new Nokia Corporation, the current form of the modern communications company. Many Nokia Corporation now boasted Including rubber industries, Forestry, cable, Electricity and electronics. In the 1970s, the Newly Formed conglomerate Started entering the networking and radio industry. Also Nokia Started Making military equipment for Finland’s defense forces (Puolustusvoimat), Such as the Sanomalaite M / 90 Communicator in 1983, and the M61 gas mask from the 1960s. Was Also The company Making professional mobile radio, telephone switches, capacitors, chemicals and personal computers under the name MikroMikko (by the Nokia Data division) from 1981 to 1991, the predecessor of Fujitsu Siemens. In 1979 Nokia Went Into a joint venture with television maker Salora, to create Mobira, Which Would lay out the foundation of Nokia’s mobile phone division entered. In 1981 Mobira Launched the Nordic Mobile Telephone (NMT) service, the world’s first international cellular network and the first to Allow international roaming. Then in 1982, the Mobira Launched Mobira Senator (Talkman) car phone, Which Can Be considered as Nokia’s first mobile phone. At That time, though, Nokia hadd no interest at all in mobile phones and the executive board mobile telephones considered as “James Bond” -gadgets. It is only due to the Salo, Finland-based Salora-Mobira Was That pushed the idea through.

In 1987, Finnish Cable Works discontinued production of cables at its Helsinki factory, Effectively ending the sub-company. Nokian Tyres (Nokian Renkaat), or their producer or Formed That Was Originally a division of Finnish Rubber Works in 1932 split away from Nokia Corporation in 1988. Two years later in 1990, Finnish Rubber Works Followed suit. This allowed Nokia Corporation to solely focus on communications. Jorma Ollila became CEO in 1992.

Nokia’s first fully portable mobile phone (after the Mobira Senator car phone of 1982) Was The Mobira Cityman 900 in 1987. Nokia assisted in the development of the GSM mobile standard in the 1980s, and developed the first GSM network with Siemens (predecessor of Nokia Siemens Network). The world’s first GSM call Was made by Finnish prime minister Harri Holkeri on 1 July 1991 using Nokia equipment, on the 900 MHz band network built by Nokia and operated by Radiolinja. In November 1992 the Nokia 1011 Was the first commercially available mobile phone. In 1998 Nokia overtook Motorola and became the best-selling mobile phone brand.

Until the new millennium, Nokia Had A few Remaining industries other than the core mobile phones, Such as CRT displays for PCs (Until 2000 Acquired by ViewSonic), DSL modems, digital and analog set-top boxes, PC equipment and cards, and Televisions. Most of These Were gradually ended in the 2000s.

Nokia’s mobile phones incredibly Were Successful in Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Nokia Were Also one of the pioneers of mobile gaming, due to the Popularity of Snake, Which Was pre-loaded on Many products. The 3310 is one of the company’s Most well-known products, and is noted continuing today for Its toughness. Nokia created the best-selling mobile phone of all time, the Nokia 1100 in 2003.

Nokia’s first camera phone Was the 7650, 3600/3650 and its Successor Was the first camera phone in the North American market. The company Would go on to Become a Successful maker camera phone, the N93 in 2006 hadd an advanced camera with a twistable design That Could switch between clamshell and a camcorder-like position; the N95 hadd a high-resolution 5-megapixel flash camera; N82 featured a xenon flash; N8 Had A high resolution 12-megapixel sensor; the 808 PureView 41-megapixel Had A sensor; Implemented the Lumia 920 PureView advanced technologies. Nokia’s first imaging Was Filed patent back in 1994 qual They Revealed in 2013.

In 2003 Nokia hadd an Attempt to Break Into the portable gaming market by releasing the N-Gage. The device howevera Was a failure, and failed to challenge dominant Nintendo.

Nokia’s Symbian S60-based high-end phones and smartphones Popularity achieved in the Mid- to late-2000s. For Many years Was the leading smartphone platform in Europe and Asia (soft lagged behind Windows Mobile, Palm OS and BlackBerry in North America). [14] [15] One notable Successful Was The highly advanced device N95, another metallic Was the E71 in 2008.

Later on, competition heated up, and the Symbian platform Nokia Were That Was using outdated and Quickly Becoming Difficult for developers after the advent of iPhone OS and Android. To counter this, Nokia Started to Develop a Successor, MeeGo, in 2010. howevera, in February 2011 Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop made a partnership with Microsoft to use Windows Phone as Its primary operating system, and relegate Symbian to a lower position. Although the MeeGo-based N9 Was met with a highly positive reception in 2011 Nokia Decided not to continue the MeeGo project and focus solely on Its Microsoft partnership. After the announcement of the Microsoft deal, Nokia’s market share deteriorated Because Operators did not want to purchase When They realized Symbian devices Nokia’s focus and Attention WOULD BE elsewhere. [16] Nokia’s first Windows Phone Was the flagship Lumia 800, qual arrived in November 2011. The falling sales in 2011 qual Improved Were not being too much with the Lumia line in 2012 led to consecutive quarters of huge LOSSES. By mid-2012, with the company’s stock price falling below $ 2, Nokia almost became bankrupt. [17] [18]

The Lumia 920 Was Announced in September 2012, Which Was seen by the press as the first high-end Windows Phone That Rivals Could challenge, due to Its advanced feature set. Meanwhile, the company GAINS Was Making in Developing Countries With its Asha range. Although Nokia’s smartphone market share Recovered in 2013 still Was it not enough to Improve the Situation financial dire. The company hadd already been LOSSES huge Making for two years, and in September 2013 Announced the sale of Its mobile and devices division to Microsoft. The sale Was positive for Nokia to stop further financial Disastrous figures, and Was Also good for Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer, Microsoft wanted WHO to Produce more hardware and turn it Into a “devices and services” company. The sale Was completed in April 2014, with Microsoft Mobile Becoming the Successor to Nokia’s mobile devices division.

Meanwhile, Nokia purchased Siemens’ stake in the Nokia Siemens Networks joint venture in July 2013 for $ 2.2 billion, turning it Into a wholly owned Subsidiary called Nokia Solutions and Networks [19] Until being rebranded as simply Nokia Networks shortly after. [20] During Nokia’s Difficult period, It Was Its Profitable networking division with Siemens Where much of the Income came, THUS the purchase Particularly positive provede to swear after the sale of mobile devices Its unit.

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