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Original Models CS 1.6

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Although Skins aired in the United States on BBC America (only series 1–3 aired and the rights cleared only for those series for purchase of DVDs or online viewing in the US), albeit in an edited form (strong language bleeped out and some more graphic scenes of violence and sex cut out), MTV announced that they would be adapting the show into an American version set in Baltimore, Maryland.[10] With Bryan Elsley as executive producer,[10] the series began filming in February 2010 in Toronto, Canada. The first episode of the US series is almost a shot-for-shot copy of the first episode of the UK series, but it deviates from the original plot in following episodes such that there are significant differences between the US and UK versions. Characters are also similar, and some names have been changed; Sid has been renamed Stanley, Cassie renamed Cadie and Jal renamed Daisy. In addition, Tony’s younger sister Effy, who becomes a main character in Generation Two of UK Skins, was renamed Eura. However, the biggest change comes in the form of Tea, a lesbian cheerleader who replaces the UK gay character Maxxie who was a professional dancer.[11]

The show’s cancellation was announced by MTV on 10 June 2011. The Parents Television Council, an advocacy group, criticised the show, calling it one of the worst shows a child could watch.[12] Reasons cited for its cancellation included loss of advertising sponsors and a shrinking audience, with fewer people tuning in for each subsequent episode. Pre-adult teens (“minors” under US law), who are MTV’s core demographic audience, were at the centre of the argument for those who disapproved of the program, even with MTV’s self-imposed restrictive broadcaster-like standards and practices.

The show’s writing team has an average age of 21, and includes several “teenage consultants”. Elsley said, “It’s all about the writing. […] We’re about letting our audience feel they are not alone. […] We’re always having people miss [writing] meetings because they’ve got A-levels or even GCSEs”.[13]

In January 2011, Brittain announced a writing competition open to the public to help with the developing and writing of Series 6. According to Brittain, the winner will receive “a four-month placement in the Skins writers’ room, where you’d be invited to attend at least 10 of our top secret meetings, working with [Brittain] and the other Skins writers,” as well as monetary compensation.[14] The winners of the 2011 competition were Sophie Boyce (18) and Joe Hampson (21). The winner of the 2008 competition, Dan Lovett, went on to become an official member of the Skins writing team.

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