Ultimate Sound

Ultimate Sound

Ultimate Sound : Download : Click Here


Femal Sound : Download : Click Here


This has a few updates and some additions. It is posted mainly for the same purpose as Deags Map Manager; the author is no longer present and updates were needed, along with current support. Their will be no more code updates for this plugin unless their is a needed for issues/code management for new releases of AMX Mod X. (Don’t forget, their are about 4 other Stats plugins out their also if you feel like requesting anything)

Alright, well I made quite a few additions now. Not in the user functionality, but in the performance/code functionality. I found a few things worth changing so 1.7 has about 1/3 of a re-write including Hoboman’s Female voices.



  1. Download the plugin below
  2. Download the sounds.zip
  3. Place ultimate_sounds.amxx in your server’s addons/amxmodx/plugins folder
  4. Add the following line at the bottom of the file: ultimate_sounds.amxx
  5. Save and close plugins.ini
  6. Unzip Ultimat_Sounds_Pack.zip onto either your desktop and place the sounds in the moddir/sound/misc dir
    -(Same with the Female_Sounds.zip / f_ultimate_sounds.amxx below -sounds go into moddir/sound/misc/female, In post #2)
  7. Place ultimate_sounds.txt in your amxmox/data/lang folder (already organized in the zip)
  8. Restart your server or change the map
  9. Done!


  • In order for most of the sounds to work, while in game open up amx_statscfgmenu or goto amxmodmenu and select the stats option and change what you see fit.
  • -Please people, if you dont hear the sounds, then ENABLE them in that menu.
  • Having trouble with those ‘headshot/multikill’ etc. sounds?
    Basic help / Support for enabling / disabling


  • All Flags are enabled by Default
  • streak_mode < flags >
    “a” – messages
    “b” – sounds
  • knife_mode < flags >
    “a” – messages
    “b” – sounds
  • hs_mode < flags >
    “a” – messages
    “b” – sounds
  • lastman_mode < flags >
    “a” – messages
    “b” – hp
    “c” – sounds


    • 1.6


  • Fixed minor typos in all announcements
  • The game server may no longer go on killing streaks when the players kill themselves (Dynamicbits)
  • The sounds will no longer be heard by players connecting to the server
  • Removed the prepare.wav sound since it is not even used in this plugin…i think it is meant for the miscstats
  • Reconverted all the .wavs for smaller file size and faster download ( previous size: ~1meg, now: ~700kb )
  • Changed all Cvars to Pcvars


    • Added cvar to be traced
    • 1.7


  • Added ML Support
  • Changed a bit of the code for efficiency/usability


  • Changed the cvar kniff_mode to knife_mode
  • Added German and Portuguese Braziliian by Mordekay & Darkill
  • 1.8[SIZE=1]
  • Runtime Error Fixed
  • Proper indentation
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