Condition Zero Weapons

Condition Zero Weapons

Condition Zero Weapons




Download : Click Here


1. Un-zip the archive you have downloaded.
This can be done by right clicking on the downloaded archive (.zip file). If the file ends in .rar you might need WinRAR to un-zip it.
1. Inside the un-zipped folder there should be file(s) ending in .spr.
Those are sprites. The full names of the sprites can be: radar640.spr or\and radaropaque640.spr.
1. Now copy the .spr file(s).
1. Find your cstrike folder and open it. Inside there should be a folder named sprites. If there isn’t a folder named sprites you must create it!
1. Open the sprites folder and paste in the sprites (.spr files). If you are asked to replace any files click “Yes.”

You have now installed your new radar.

TIP Swap between solid and transparent radar by using cl\_radartype 0 and cl\_radartype 1.

NOTE If your solid or transparent radar doesn’t work your hud.txt file is probably corrupted. Download the original hud.txt here.

The European Renaissance marked the beginning of the implementation of firearms in western warfare. Guns and rockets were introduced to the battlefield.

Firearms are qualitatively different from earlier weapons because they release energy from combustible propellants such as gunpowder, rather than from a counter-weight or spring. This energy is released very rapidly and can be replicated without much effort by the user. Therefore even early firearms such as the arquebus were much more powerful than human-powered weapons. Firearms became increasingly important and effective during the 16th century to 19th century, with progressive improvements in ignition mechanisms followed by revolutionary changes in ammunition handling and propellant. During the U.S. Civil War various technologies including the machine gun and ironclad warship emerged that would be recognizable and useful military weapons today, particularly in limited conflicts. In the 19th century warship propulsion changed from sail power to fossil fuel-powered steam engines.

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