Advanced BANNED

Advanced BANNED

Advanced Banned




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  • This plugin revamps the current amx_ban, amx_banip, amx_banid, amx_unban admin commands.
  • It uses Real Time on the server (Eg. Banned for 10 minutes, you will be unbanned 10 minutes later, regardless of map changing).
  • It includes a list of who is banned.
  • It does not use the banned.cfg or listip.cfg. It uses its own file where bans are stored.
  • It saves what admin banned the player (name), the admin’s steamid, the reason, the ban time, the banned player’s name, the banned player’s steamid (or IP), and the estimated time of unban.
  • It will load your currently banned players from the banned.cfg and listip.cfg files. (Only if the #define at the top of the plugin is uncommented)
  • If you use the menu to ban players, you will have to type a reason after you choose a player.
  • If you use the vote system to ban players, you will have to type a reason after you execute the amx_voteban command.
  • You can limit the ban time for admins based on their admin flags.
  • You can monitor all ban history (admins banning, unbanning, and when ban times are up) in the addons/amxmodx/logs/BAN_HISTORY_MMDDYYYY.log (MM = month, DD = day, YYYY = year)
  • If you wish to have only 1 file for ban history, uncomment the line at the top of the .sma file and recompile.
  • SQL is also supported and works for multiple servers. If you use the same SQL database for more than 1 server, then those servers will share the ban list.
  • For SQL, the default cvars for the SQL database will be used (amx_sql_host, amx_sql_user, amx_sql_pass, amx_sql_db).


  • amx_ban <nick, #userid, authid> <time in minutes> <reason>
  • amx_banip <nick, #userid, authid> <time in minutes> <reason>
  • amx_addban <name> <authid or ip> <time in minutes> <reason>
  • amx_unban <authid or ip>
  • amx_banlist
    – Shows a list of who is banned
  • amx_addbanlimit <flags> <time in minutes>
    – Adds a max ban time to the list
    Note: Use this command in the amxx.cfg


  • ab_website <website>
    • This is the website displayed to the banned player if you have an unban request section on your website.
    • Leave blank to not show a website.
    • Default: blank
  • ab_immunity <0|1|2>
    • 0 – Any admin can ban an immunity admin (flag ‘a’).
    • 1 – Immunity admins (flag ‘a’) cannot be banned.
    • 2 – Immunity admins (flag ‘a’) can only be banned by other immunity admins (flag ‘a’).
    • Default: 1
  • ab_bandelay <seconds>
    • Delay of banned players being disconnected.
    • Default: 1
  • ab_unbancheck <seconds>
    • Interval of checking if a player is unbanned.
    • Default: 5
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